Friday, January 30, 2009

February... Oh My!

And do you know what that means....
In 18 days, I'll see my dream, literally a wake up and know that you were being lead to do this, dream, come true!
In 18 days, some of the most talented bakers from North Carolina to the Florida Keys and everywhere inbetween will be showing off their works for this amazing cause!
In 18 days, I'll get to meet Kerry Vincent!!!!!!!
In 18 days, we'll be working our butts off and have {hopefully} hundreds of people tasting tons of cake!!!
In 18 days... 18 days!!!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

How the Public Views Birders

Here’s a humorous look at how uninitiated members of the public look upon the antics of serious birds, or, as they’re known in Britain, twitchers.

Caption: Twitchers gather on the North Norfolk Coast Path. This photo by gavinandrewstewart is used here courtesy of a Creative Commons license.

Seating Schmeating!

Soooo, do you do this?




Or this?



Why? What's the difference? Does it matter?

First you have to ask yourself a series of questions, and the answers will help you determine which to do, if at all.

  • Are you serving a plated meal with various selections for your guests to choose from?

    • If so, you might steer clear of the seating chart, because you'll need to distinqish their selections some how to the servers or catering staff.

  • Do you have limited seating, or the exact number of tables you'll need for your guests?

    • If so, you'll need to consider some kind of table chart or seating cards, because you're guests will usually leave a seat or two open at their tables and that can't happen if you are limited.

  •  Are you only reserving a few tables for your guests?

    • For instance, it's open seating, but you want to make sure your parents and grandparents sit closest to you - then you'll need to have a few reserved signs at those tables in advance.

These are by all means NOT all of the reasons, but it should give you some help while you are determing where and how you'll seat your guests.

seating chart

place cards

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Onabay Vineyards

I can’t speak to the quality of the wines produced by Onabay Vineyards, but the owners of this Long Island vineyard are clearly attuned to the land. They describe the 18-year-old vineyard thusly:
Today, the property encompassing the vineyard consists of over 180 acres of fertile fields, meadows, and forests as well as over a mile of bay and creek frontage. It is a wondrous, peaceable kingdom of great horned owls, deer, osprey, herons, and shorebirds. Striped bass, bluefish, and flounder abound in the tidal creeks and the deeper bay.
I was drawn to the artistic avian labels that grace the bottles of wine produced by Onabay. All three labels are illustrated here.

Precipitation Totals for December 2008

Precipitation totals were recorded daily at our home (Station MI-BN-3) on Crescent Lake near Buchanan, Michigan, following protocols established by CoCoRaHS (the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network).

Precipitation Summary:
  • Totals.—Measurable amounts of precipitation (i.e., ≥0.01 inches) in the form of rain or snow fell on 77 percent (24) of 31 days, with a total accumulation (water equivalency) of 3.65 inches (0.12 inches/day, or 0.15 inches/day with measurable precipitation).

  • Rainfall.—Moisture in the form of rain or a rain/snow mix was recorded on 9 days with a total accumulation of 1.82 inches attributed solely to rain (0.06 inches/day, 0.20 inches/day with rain or a rain/snow mix). A freezing rain that fell on the morning of the 26th created severe icing conditions on area roads.

  • Snowfall.—Precipitation in the form of snow was recorded on 22 days, with measurable accumulations on 18 days totaling 28.9 inches (0.93 inches/day, 1.31 inches/day with snow, and 1.61 inches/day with measurable snow); the water equivalency from new snow was 2.88 inches as measured from the rain gauge (0.099 inches/1.0 inch of snow) versus 2.96 inches as measured from a core sample taken from a snowboard (0.102 inches/1.0 inch of snow). The highest 1-day total was 5.0 inches on the 22nd.

  • Snow Cover and Snow Depths.—The areal extent of snow cover was 50 percent or more on 27 days, and 100 percent on 26 days. Average snow depth on the 27 days with 50 percent or more snow cover ranged from 0.5 to 10.0 inches (on the 22nd), with a median of 3.0 inches. The amount of water on the ground in the form of snow or ice ranged from 0.03 to 1.94 inches (on the 23rd), with a median of 0.43 inches. On average, each inch of snow on the ground (new and old combined) yielded 0.18 inches of water (range 0.02 to 0.46).
  • Comparisons:
  • At the official weather station in South Bend, Indiana (located 12 miles SE of this station), the precipitation total for the month (3.79 inches) was 23 percent above the norm of 3.09 inches. By contrast, total snowfall (16.8 inches) was 12.5 percent below the norm of 19.2 inches.

  • The 30-year (1951-1980) mean December precipitation at Niles, Michigan (located 4.5 miles ENE of this station) is 3.18 inches, while the mean December snowfall for the same period is 15.8 inches.
  • Temperature, Relative Humidity, and Dew Point (at 7:00 AM):
  • Temperature.—High (51 on 27th), Median 22, Low (2 on 22nd). Freezing or sub-freezing temperatures were recorded on 27 days.

  • Relative Humidity.—High (99 on 11th), Median 74, Low (51 on 7th).

  • Dew Point Temperature.—High (47 on 27ty), Median 14, Low (-6 on 21st).
  • Previous Reports for 2009 Water Year: October 2008, November 2008.

    Drink it Up!

    Brides are looking for ways to cut back, but don't want to look stingie or cheap while doing so - so do you NEED to have an open bar at your wedding, I mean a full-all-out open bar?

    Why not just do beer and wine, do 3 different kinds of beer, and a White and Red wine - and one signature drink... that will limit what your guests can drink - and your can even come up with a fun name for your drink. You can color coordinate your drink to your colors, come up with a theme....or pre mix the drink so that your bar tender doesn't have to mix it individually.

    We've also have done His and Her's for cocktails as well. So it'd be two signature drinks instead of just one...more variety and still super fun!

    Photo Source

    Tuesday, January 27, 2009

    To Blush!

    To Blusher or Not to Blusher - that is the question.

    When I was at the Bridal Salon last weekend, I noticed that brides didn't know what certain terms being - a blusher.

    The Blusher is the piece of the veil that you typically wear in front of your face, to keep evil spirits away. At least that is what they used to think it was for.
    Now it's used as a tradition. You don't have to wear one, or a veil at all for that matter. But it's definately an option.
    Most bride's take off the veil for the reception it gives you some fun flexibility with your hair too, up for the ceremony - down for the party!

    Monday, January 26, 2009

    Engage: Something Blue

    How I wish I could attend!  I have huge events the weekend/week of this!!! But for those of you more fortunate than myself... Engage:09 Something Blue, sounds amazing!!

    The conference line up is priceless - although there is a tuition, and for those who are finding themselves unable to afford the tuition Rebecca and Kathryn are graciously offering a scholarship! The deadline is later this week, so please take a peek!

    Engage is an amazing symposium!!! With an incredible line up of speakers, teachers, mentors and educators - what an opportunity!

    Friday, January 23, 2009

    A Bob Winquist Party-Calarts, Saturday January 31 at 4pm

    Calling all interested parties:


    TOMORROW: Saturday, January 31st at 4pm in the Main Gallery at Calarts

    Bob circa 1960

    Bob Winquist led a life that extended far beyond his tenure at Calarts as instructor, mentor and head of the Character Animation department, but for so many of my colleagues that was where we met him and how we remember him. If you read the comments left on my original post it's plain that even though most of us hadn't seen him for well over a decade he's been fresh in our minds all along--a fact that I think we'd all have liked to relate to him if we'd had the chance to get together again.

    While we can't do that, we can get together and remember Bob, kibitz with his family, and pay the man some well-deserved tribute.

    Martha Baxton of the Character Animation dept. is taking RSVPs:

    But it really isn't essential that you do that, and there's no token of admission required-just show up. Guacamole on Bob. Informal of course.

    It should be great fun. I know Bob's nieces and family are looking forward to seeing this other side of their uncle's life, one that meant a lot to him.

    Incidentally, I've heard from some fellow alumni that they've received no official word or details of this happening at all, although I was told the Alumni office was going to send out please pass this info along to anyone you think would like to attend.

    (If you don't know who Bob Winquist was, please read my post of last September here.

    Also, read the Los Angeles Times' obituary that was published a week after his death.)

    ETA Thanks to Cartoon Brew for their post about this event-much appreciated

    Last Days of the Passenger Pigeon in Southwestern Michigan

    In 2007, Dan Collison and Elizabeth Meister of Long Haul Productions produced an audio documentary entitled The Sad Decline of the Passenger Pigeon. This story first appeared in the Heartland Chronicles, "a series of radio documentaries set in and around Middle America, exploring the region’s people and communities."

    The story focuses on the former abundance of Passenger Pigeons in southwestern Michigan, particularly Berrien County, and their rapid decline in the last decades of the 19th century. I herewith reproduce their introduction to this piece, followed by a link to the audio file:
    At one time, it was believed there were as many as five billion Passenger Pigeons in eastern North America. By the mid nineteenth century, their numbers began to decline sharply – killed by sportsman, commercial hunters and by farmers angry as the birds began raiding farm fields as forests disappeared to logging. Jon Wuepper, a naturalist and historian, documented the decline of the pigeon in southwest Michigan by scouring sixty-plus years of newspaper articles, beginning in the late 1830’s. He traced the decline through 1894, when the last bird was killed in the area. Wuepper tells the story.
    The audio file (.mp3) has a running time of about 8 minutes.

    The Science of Events

    I probably should be posting this on Be A Planner, but since that is on a break until after Let's Eat Cake! I am going to post it here, for all the world to seeeeee!

    I am so excited to be attending Eventology! I've been in this business for over 14 years, and you are never too knowledgable to stop educating yourself. Things change, the way to market yourself changes, the way you do business changes. You are never tooooo good at what you do, and the moment you think you are... well, you should consider doing something else.

    So, in April, I will be headed to Indianapolis for Eventology! In case you haven't heard about it, here's a quick blip, but check out the website for more information....


    Three highly successful and renowned wedding planners will be discussing their insight and perspective on how to create and cultivate a prosperous wedding business.

    Chat with Saundra Hadley of planning. . .forever events on How to Close the Deal: Sales Methods for the Wedding Industry.

    Discuss how to Turn Brides into Fans: Nurturing Your Relationships with Clients with Terrica Skaggs of Fabuluxe, Inc. and iWed: International Network of Wedding Designers.

    Lastly, learn how to Leverage Your Brand to Reach Today's Bride: Marketing in a Post-Modern World with Liene Stevens of Blue Orchid Designs and The Smart Planner.

    You do not want to miss this educational and networking workshop! Gain expertise and insight on running a successful wedding business, as the reality is if you're not running a profitable business, it's just one big expensive hobby.

    Thursday, January 22, 2009

    Take Two

    What I love about Inspiration Boards, is that you can tell two people the same exact thing, and they come up with something so different!

    This is a colaboration of Maggie and Emily's take on the Persimmon and Blues:


    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    Tuesday, January 20, 2009

    Mary Blair and Kent Melton and Electric Tiki

    From Electric Tiki. Kent Melton after Mary Blair

    Here's something that's got to rate as one of the neatest collectibles ever--sculptures of Alice in Wonderland and the White Rabbit based on Mary Blair's artwork(and licensed by Disney, of course). When I first saw this I just about jumped out of my skin. Fantastic!

    Alice stands about 5" tall and should retail somewhere in the $120 range. For two figures of this quality in a limited edition it'll be well worth it.

    This was an idea hatched by the company that made them, Electric Tiki--to create figures that based on Mary Blair's visual development and try to capture her unique style in three dimensions--and I think it's a great one. I've seen Alice here from every angle and the detail and appeal is all there. Below is a detail of the artwork that the figures are based on. They were the only reference used by the sculptor--the fantastic Kent Melton.

    I can't wait to get my hands on this set(it will be sold as a pair). The ETA is summer '09. Until then, enjoy the preview.

    Birds of Berrien County, Michigan—2007

    A compilation of all of the birds seen in Berrien County in 2007 was published in late 2008 by the Berrien Birding Club with the financial support of the Berrien County Parks Commission. The following is an excerpt from the Introduction:
    This [2007] was an excellent year for finding birds in Berrien County. The species total for 2007 was 279, which is well above the 40-year average of 259.

    Remarkably, four new species were added to the county list in 2007. Two Black-necked Stilts were discovered in early May and at least one Black Rail was located in mid-May. In the fall, a Sage Thrasher was observed and photographaed, as was a Say’s Phoebe. Other very notable sightings this year included Trumpeter Swan (3rd county record), Black Vulture (2nd county record), California Gull (10th county record), Chuck-will’s-widow (3rd county record), Rufous Hummingbird (5th county record), Painted Bunting (2nd county record), Red-necked Phalarope, LeConte’s Sparrow, Hoary Redpoll, and both Red and White-winged crossbills. Since the first Field Notes in 1962, 340 species have been accepted.

    Additionally, three species were recorded prior to 1962. They are Greater Prairie-Chicken, Passenger Pigeon, and Kirtland’s Warbler. This brings the Berrien County total to 343 species, which are accepted by the Michigan Bird Records Committee.
    Two additional reports from 2007 also bear mentioning: (1) One to two individual Whooping Cranes from the eastern reintroduction project paused in northeastern Berrien County from April 1 to May 22 enroute to their “breeding” location in Wisconsin. (2) A banded Barn Owl found dead in Lincoln Township, the casualty of a car collision, was determined to have been a captive-reared bird that was released in Dupage County, Illinois, as part of a reintroduction effort.

    Citation: Wuepper, Jon T (compiler), and Kip Miller (editor). 2008. Field Notes—Berrien County, Michigan: 2007. Field Notes of the Berrien Birding Club 41, 13 pp.

    The Wedding EXPO!

    Solutions Bridal Designer House presents the 6th Semi Annual Florida Bridal Expo on Sunday, January 25th, 2009 at The Hilton University of Florida in Gainesville, FL from 12:00-5:00pm.

    There will be over 50 wedding vendors at this show. Look for us next to our good friends at Unique Designs!

    Huge Prizes will be given away, along with 3 Grand Prizes.

    One Lucky Bride will win a WEDDING DAY GIVEAWAY valued up to $17,500. In additon prizes from Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy's and Belk.

    For the guys, there will also be a Casino Lounge happening for you.

    Tickets are: VIP Tickets are $15 (Advance Only through Solutions 352-367-0070 or online at; $5 in Advance; $9 at the Door.

    Donald Duck and Ginger Rogers

    Ginger at work, winding Donald. Check out the version wearing what looks like a sombrero behind her.

    Lovers of classic film often double as lovers of everyday items from the same era--clothes, magazines, housewares--or toys. Watch enough films of the 1930s and occasionally a famous face will spring out from the prop settings : Betty Boop, Snow White, Bugs Bunny, etc. It's always a treat to see something that would be a vauluable collectible now featured then as what it was meant to be in the first place--an inexpensive child's plaything. There are many examples. This might be the most extensive: in a really fine comedy from a great year for movies, Garson Kanin''s 1939 film "Bachelor Mother" has terrific performances from Ginger Rogers, David Niven, the incomparable Charles Coburn--and Donald Duck.

    It's quite a display of product placement: Disney providing numerous sizes and permutations of Donald Duck toys for their distributor, RKO. And one particular windup waddling, quacking Donald has a crucial role throughout--right up to the denoument of the story. Curiously, although the Duck is in the film as part of a large department store's toy department stock, I've spotted no glimpses of Mickey or any other Disney characters on the set. It's all Donald--dozens and dozens of him.

    Bachelor Mother is such a well-written and cleverly plotted comedy--one of the very funniest of its era. That it could be made at all well after the Production Code was in full effect is a testament to--well, I don't know what, but it has some really wild double entendres (and some flat out jaw-droppers), unsurprising as the story is one of an unwed mother--albeit a mistaken one. It just works, squeezing comedy out of every opportunity, as well as some charming if improbably screwball romance.

    He even features in a brief, slightly hallucinogenic montage

    The screen caps here (only a few of The Duck's scenes represented) are from a colorized version on YouTube; it was made in glorious black and white and should be seen that way. Look for it on Turner Classic Movies.
    Your trivia for the week.

    quacking away

    Monday, January 19, 2009

    Contest Deadline Extension!

    There has been a big announcement made over at Let's Eat Cake! 
    The deadline for Professional Submissions has been extended!!!

    Let's Jump!!!

    I had such a great time at Wedding JumpStart on Saturday at Solutions Bridal!!! It has been a long time since I've been in a bridal salon on a Saturday!! Thank you to Solutions Bridal, and all of the girls that were there, for allowing me to have so much fun and chat with your brides about their weddings!
    I learned so much more than I ever thought possible! I know, I know - I was supposed to be helping brides - I promise that happened too! But just being there on a very intimate momment, and being the 3rd party - that probably has never met that bride before. Was so thrilling!
    Let me tell you what I learned while I was giving advice to brides about their wedding!
    • No dress looks the same on the same bride. We all know this - but with in 10 minutes 2 brides tried on and bought the SAME dress - and it looked totally different on each of them - and they both loved it equally.

    • Popping Champagne when you find the wedding dress of your dreams is soooooooo fun!

      • We popped 4 bottles while I was there, and I had the best time watching the brides and their friends and family, gush over the experience.

    • Don't bring too many people with you when you go dress shopping, bring those that you'll trust their opinions, fully and honestly!

      • You might look amazing in each dress, but being able to decipher THE ONE, and the one you look good in, are two totally different things.

    • I'll have to do this again, I had a great time!!!

    See you at the next Wedding JumpStart!!!
    Photo Source: Power's Photography

    Saturday, January 17, 2009

    Fred Moore Los Angeles Times Obit

    I've just finished reading today's New York Times obituary on Andrew Wyeth and have turned to organizing the files on my laptop. In doing so I rediscovered this, from a friend at the Los Angeles Times who follows this blog. So, just for the record, from November 25, 1952:

    Friday, January 16, 2009


    If you live in Gainesville and feel you need to get a quick JumpStart on your planning - stop by Solutions Bridal tomorrow from Noon-5 for Free Wedding Advice!

    No Strings...

    Just come by, and chat with me, here's what we can do:
    • Free Vendor Referrals

    • Help with Timeline advice

    • Advise on Financial Concerns

    • Invitaiton Wording

    • Any Wedding Problem you feel is weighing you down...

    Get a JumpStart on your planning! Free!!!!

    The baby of the family: Andrew Wyeth 1917-2008

    I really believed he'd live to be at least 100.

    Andrew Wyeth, youngest of five children of N.C. and Carolyn Wyeth, died at home in Chadds Ford today. Not in the house he was born in, but much closer in distance and spirit than most of us probably will.

    When I was little Wyeth's work was everywhere--it was ubiquitous. His "Christina's World" was featured in most books and magazines when "great American art" was covered. He was clearly famous, widely respected and hugely popular. And his work left me cold.

    To me, it was too dry(as it happens, the arcane use of dry-brush tempera was his most favored medium). From the subject matter of barns and fields to the handling the rough, scraped, impassive feel of his art left me with a general feeling of dispepsia. Obviously the technique was incredible, but it came across as obsessively pinched and somehow sour to me.

    Anyway, that was my superficial impression as a teenager. Later I came to look at his work very differently.

    "Portrait of a Dog", a study of Andy Wyeth by his father N.C.. Age 15, he's here with his best friend, his dog, and engaged in his favorite occupation: drawing. It's a beautifully colored painting but unfortunately it's only been reproduced in black and white.
    I got to know Andrew Wyeth anew in 1986, as a result of a marvelous documentary that appeared as part of the PBS series "Smithsonian World": "The Wyeths: A Father and his Family". If you can find a copy of this amazing documentary, get it and watch it. Every artist owes it to themselves to be immersed in it for an hour. It's spellbinding--and it made me reconsider the art of Andrew. I'd always loved N.C. Wyeth's work and I still do--in fact I appreciate it more as time goes on--but in the context of his amazing family and his incredible father, the approach that Andy Wyeth took to his own art became more understandable and multilayered to me. In addition, his watercolors were a whole other thing--the latter-day works, and most especially the vivid paintings he did at the very beginning of his career, barely out of his teens.

    "The Road to Friendship" 1941, watercolor. Farnsworth Art Museum, © Andrew Wyeth
    But again, it was the great influence that the Brandywine River valley had on the elder Wyeth that made me take that initial trip there, to return multiple times. The landscape had a spellbinding effect on the entire Wyeth family, and once you're actually there it's completely understandable. It's a haunting, lovely, mysterious area rich in history and inspiration. The Brandywine River Museum(a converted mill on the bank of the river) is devoted largely to once-local artists--most famous as illustrators: N.C., Howard Pyle, Dean Cornwell, Harvey Dunn and Jessie Wilcox Smith, among many others--almost all influenced either by Pyle or later by N.C. as students.
    As a perfect compliment to the art, the house that N.C. built for his family and the adjacent studio where he painted most of his incredible works are open to the public most of the year--all except for those months when Andrew was using the property for his own daily work, as he was doing until very recently.

    I wanted to mark the passing of Wyeth here because more than his own art, his life--the life his father made for him and the other children(Henriette, a painter; Nathaniel, an inventor and engineer; Carolyn, a painter, and Ann, a composer and musician)was full to bursting with an appreciation for the wondrous and inspiring in the everyday--the beauty. tragedy, and mystery of it. If you ever see the documentary or can read the very good biography of NC--or better yet, the collected letters of NC Wyeth that were published some 20 years ago--you'll be unable to get all of the Wyeths out of your mind. And the instruction and exhortations that NC pounded into his children are ones that I think all of us in our profession should take to heart. Andrew remembers his father telling him re: the world around him: "Andy, we [artists] must be like a sponge--sop it up! soak it up! But be sure-remember-to squeeze it out once in a while".

    NC Wyeth in 1903

    Extirpated Mammals of Berrien County, Michigan

    The following article appeared on Page D1 of The [St. Joseph, Michigan] Herald-Palladium on Friday, January 16, 2009:

    by Lila Chandler
    H-P Correspondent

    After reading Outdeer Editor Dennis Cogswell's recent column about Black Bears moving south in Michigan, Jon Wuepper of Royalton Township, who has a background in both local history and nature, sent along a note saying the last written mention of a bear in Berrien County he could find occurred in April 1868 in Lake Township.

    "Lake Township was very swampy and sparsely populated then," he writes.

    Other multiple sightings of bears were made in October 1842 in the Niles, St. Joseph, and Cass County areas. "It was thought that mast (acorns, beechnuts) in the north was sparse and the bears moved into our area in search of food. I also have a late record (of a bear) from 1875 from Kalamazoo."

    Other "last" records of other animals in Berrien County, he said, were: Porcupine (1881, near Benton Harbor); Gray Wolf (about 1910, Lakeside); undisputed Cougar record (1853); Bison (late November 1860 near St. Joseph, about three weeks after Abraham Lincoln was elected president).
    My initial list of the mammals of Berrien County included the American Bison, Cougar, and Gray Wolf, but not the Black Bear or Porcupine; that list has now been updated to include those species

    Thursday, January 15, 2009

    Make Melissa Pay!!!

    Holy Moly! What a week for Let's Eat Cake!!! we asked and by Goly did you answer!!! So I think our totals are crazy ironical!

    For those that didn't know, Monday was my birthay {1-12} this is significant for a reason... my favorite number is 12... my grandpa's birthday was 12/12 {I miss him dearly!!!} but again, I digress...

    My favorite number is 12, my birthday is 112.... the number of bloggers that blogged Let's Eat Cake! is 112!!!!!!

    Crazy Right!!!

    A big thanks to all those that blogged, and special huge, ginormous thanks to our anonymous donor who is matching our contribution of $1 per blog, and a GINORMOUS, larger than life Thank you to Powers Photography for matching my dollar!!!

    So what's the total:

    112 Bloggers

    $112 from MasterPiece Weddings

    $112 from Anonymous Dude

    $112 from Powers Photography

    Total Donation to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital: $336!!!! From this drive alone!!!!

    The Power of One... the Power of $1!!!!!!

    It's not too late to Match the $1 drive! Email me if you are interested melissa {at} masterpieceweddings {dot} net

    Thanks to these folks for bringing up the rear, and to my friends on Facebook who donated their status to Let's Eat Cake!

    Amanda H

    Kim World

    Once Upon a Mel

    Recycled Lovelies

    This is the time to Remember

    The Bridal Closet

    Beary Excited Bride

    Micro Bloggin Mom

    Barefoot Stargazing Bride

    Meand My Insanity

    Good Intensions Queen

    Elizabeth Ann Designs

    Pink Cake Box

    Photography by Linda

    Uy Wedding

    Authentically U

    By Your Side Events

    Cakes by Shara Lunn

    Downs Gang

    My Wedding Report

    Sebring Wedding Photography

    G Seemoore

    Houses Couches and Babies

    Rhondas Rants Ravings and Cravings


    Outside the Frame

    Corinna Hoffman

    Facebook Group for Nature Bloggers

    Do you love nature? Do you love reading the wealth of fine nature writing on the blogosphere? Maybe you’ve been curious about the writer behind the web presence. Or maybe you blog yourself and want to expand your readership.
    If the above description applies to you, consider joining the Facebook Nature Bloggers social-networking group, which was just created by Nathan Swick of The Drinking Bird.

    Holy Moly!!!!

    Do you recongnize her??? That's Kerry Vincent most recently known for her judging Food Network Challenge....
    Well, I just hung up the phone with her, and she is going to Judge Let's Eat Cake! - so now you are either thinking one of two things...
    1. I want to compete!!! {so what are you waiting for! turn in your forms - the deadline is the end of the month!!!!}
    2. I don't want to compete!!! {Don't be a baby.... it's for charity, and she's really an wonderfully, sweet and humble person..... don't believe what you've heard!!!}
    I honestly, am just thrilled to death, and now my dream is complete!!! Thank you to Kerry for taking the time out of your crazy busy schedule and moving thngs around for us!
    PS - I am still working on the numbers for the Blogging for Bucks/Make Melissa Pay results...should have them later today!

    Wednesday, January 14, 2009

    Our Let's Eat Cake! blogging for bucks contest ended at Midnight on the 12th, we are still calculating the blogs, we are well over 100!!! Be on the lookout for how much money we donated to St. Jude.... we'll be announcing the amount shortly!!!

    Thank you to all that have participated in our blog drive!!! You all are what have made Let's Eat Cake! so successful!!!

    Tuesday, January 13, 2009

    Year-in-Review: 2008

    Month by Month: The rules of this exercise are simple: As in 2006 and 2007, I reviewed my monthly archives and posted the first sentence of the first post of each month in 2008.
    January: The Complete Chicken: A Book Review—I’ve always looked askance at the Domestic Chicken (Gallus domesticus) and it's evolutionary progenitor (G. gallus), as if they were not worthy of being considered real birds. (…more)

    February: My January BiGBY List—This expands on an earlier preliminary list of birds recorded on a Walking BiGBY (Big Green Bird Year) count that I am conducting in Buchanan Township, Berrien County, Michigan. (…more)

    March: My February BiGBY List—This report continues my monthly tally of species observed on a BiGBY (Big Green Big Year) being conducted in Buchanan, Michigan. (…more)

    April: My March BiGBY List—The Big Green Big Year (known as BiGBY, for short) challenges birders to compile a Big Year list without the aid of fossil fuel-burning vehicles. (…more)

    May: Field Notes from the Past #10—Being a continuation of field-journal entries from the springs of 1962 and 1963 when I was a budding ornithologist of just 15 or 16 growing up in the rural village of Galien in Berrien County, Michigan. (…more)

    June: Pleistocene Vertebrates of Berrien County, Michigan-- The Pleistocene epoch lasted from about 1.8 million years ago until 10,000 years ago. (…more)

    July: CoCoRaHS in Michigan: The First 15 Days—CoCoRaHS (the Community Collaborative Rain, Hail, and Snow Network) was initiated in Michigan beginning July 1st (see here). (…more)

    August: Fresh-Frozen Chickens—The following description of the effects of an unusual meteorological event on domestic chickens is excerpted from the History of Weather Observations : Indianapolis, Indiana, 1861-1948 (.pdf), by Glen Conner. (…more)

    September: Emu on Pennsylvania Turnpike--Yes, that’s right. You read correctly. (…more)

    October: Diagramming Sarah: A Bird Analogy--In an article that examines Sarah Palin’s convoluted speech patterns, grammarian Kitty Burns Florey provides this delightful bird analogy. (…more)

    November: Unusual Field of View-- It’s not often that one encounters Wood Ducks and American Robins in the same binocular view, but that’s what happened to me yesterday, probably for the first time in my life. (…more)

    December: Sparrow Wars-- If (like me) you enjoy attracting wild birds to your yard by providing food and shelter for them, and if (like me) your enjoyment of this activity has been diminished by the arrival of noisy and quarrelsome (and non-native and invasive) House Sparrows, then I may have found the solution to your (and my) problem. (…more)
    Personal Favorite:
    Towhee Madness—This story begins in a most unlikely way. Standing by the dining room window and looking out at the usual assembly of birds gathering at the feeders on the morning of January 31, I said to Marj, almost in jest, “I want to see something new.” (...more)
    Most Popular (as determined by reader comments):
    The "Other" Field Guide to Birds—I am speaking, of course, of the National Wildlife Federation field guide to birds of North America, by Edward S. Brinkley. (…more)

    Ghost Bird—The Movie (Trailer)—Here’s a little something to whet your appetite. (…more)

    Mantra for True Believers—This would seem to be the perfect mantra for folks in hot pursuit of rarities such as the Ivory-billed Woodpecker or creatures of a more crytological nature such as Bigfoots and Thunderbirds. (…more)
    Summary: While the total of 179 entries posted during 2008 (an average of 15/month; range: 3 to 37) was down from the 263 posted in 2007, I continue to pride myself on the quality of my posts.

    Thank YOU!!!!

    Thank you to all of you who visited our booth at the Perfoming Arts Center this past weekend! We had a great time chatting about your ideas, visions and dreams!!!

    Give us a call to take advantage of the free 2 hour consultations, and Good Luck to all of the brides that entered to win our $2500 Planning Package!! We'll be drawing later in th week!

    And in case you forgot what we looked like....

    Maggie, Me!, and Emily

    Monday, January 12, 2009

    Bird New to U.S. Found in Texas

    A Pine Flycatcher (Empidonax affinis) in Choke Canyon State Park in Texas, as reported here. The individual in question is said to have been first discovered by Willie Sekula on Decemer 13, 2008, and identified by Martin Reid on January 1, 2009.

    The AOU Check-list (1998) describes the range of this species as follows:
    Resident from northern Sinaloa, central Chihuahua, southern Coahuila, Zacatecas and San Luis Potosi south in the Mexican highlands to central Oaxaca, Puebla and west-central Veracruz, also (apparently resident) in Chiapas, and Quatemala.
    My attention was drawn to the first comment, which is repeated here because of its relevance:
    The bird listers that rush to see a bird like this leave a hideously large carbon footprint from air travel and car rental to spend 15 minutes in a remote area with a bird. This is a degenerate hobby. Knowing a few of them, I'd generalize that many are folks who never should have inherited money. Wasteful consumerism is destroying the planet, SAY WHAT??
    While I'm not ready to call birding a "degenerate hobby," I do believe that birders need to be more conscious of the impacts of their activities on the environment, and focus more effort on the long-term conservation of the living organisms that they lust after.

    Campephilus Woodpeckers and eBird

    eBird, the massive online checklist project administered by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, includes observational data on 9 of the 11 species of large woodpeckers of the genus Campephilus. Only the Imperial Woodpecker (C. imperialis) and the Ivory-billed Woodpecker (C. principalis) are absent. The remainder of this blog post will focus on the latter species.

    The absence of the Ivory-billed Woodpecker (IBWO) from the eBird database is difficult to explain. It’s not because sightings of IBWOs can’t be submitted to eBird (they can be). It’s not that there haven’t been reported sightings of IBWOs in the United States since 2002 (there have been numerous well-publicized sightings, including many published in books and peer-reviewed journals). It can’t be that people in a position to report IBWO sightings to eBird would be worried about ridicule from skeptics (the identity of the observer is not revealed to the public).

    I can think of only three logical explanations to account for the absence of IBWO records in eBird: (1) IBWO sightings have not been submitted, (2) sightings submitted to date have been reviewed and rejected by eBird reviewers, or (3) sightings submitted and accepted as valid are being withheld from public view (for whatever reason).

    Over at Ivory-bills Live!!, Cyberthrush opined that "The scorn of skeptics seems to have produced a 'chilling effect' on the disclosure of Ivory-bill reports." He concluded that "there remains a residue of reports from credible or potentially credible sources that also seem to be swept out of public view," but offered no opinion on the party or parties doing the sweeping.

    As I have pointed out above, the anonymity afforded eBird observers protects them from the "scorn of skeptics" that Cyberthrush blames on what he considers a dearth of credible IBWO reports in the public domain.

    Any knowledgeable field observer who has made what he or she considers a credible sighting of an IBWO has an obligation to report it. Don't let "scorn of skeptics" be an excuse.

    So here’s the challenge to everyone who has ever made what they consider a valid sighting of an IBWO. Without further haste, log onto eBird and report it. Make the now-blank IBWO distribution map light up!

    If anyone has other thoughts on this, I’d love to hear them.
    If you life in Gainesville, and need a JumpStart on your wedding plans - head to Solutions Bridal this Saturday from Noon until 5PM for a JumpStart on your planning!
    I'll be there to chat with you about your wedding plans answer any questions, give you vendor referals, calm any concerns that you might have, all FREE of charge!
    I'll see you there!

    Friday, January 9, 2009

    Breaking News!!!

    We have another matching gift! I just got a call from Stewart at Power's Photography and he offered to match dollar for dollar our friends that blog about Let's Eat Cake!

    So that means so far:

    99 blogs

    $1 per blog from me!

    $1 per blog from our Anoymous Donor

    $1 per blog from Powers Photography

    = $297

    So FAR!!! {Keep it going... what are you waiting for}

    Keep Blogging! You have until the 12th, so bloggity blog away....

    {If you are interested in matching $1 for $1, email me at melissa {at}

    Devin Crane Paints Love And Tears

    If it seems like I'm doing a lot of plugs lately it's simply that there's so much going on that's worth knowing about. Even if you're not local to Los Angeles(or California), there's always the the chance to go to a gallery's website and digitally browse an artist's show from anywhere on the globe.

    In two weeks the very talented Devin Crane will have an opening of his show "Love and Tears" at the Helford Gallery in Culver City. Devin is a development artist at Dreamworks by day, and he's just as busy painting like a madman in his private time as well. He often focuses on the female form (though not exclusively) and many of his portraits are based on people he knows well.
    He grew up in L.A.(as it seems so few people actually have), with a movie-loving kid's imagination, and all the odd contradictions that this strange place offers an artist. This show will feature some lovely, melancholic, textured imagery. Go see it.

    It opens on Saturday, January 24 at 7pm.

    Love and Tears
    Paintings by Devin Crane
    Corey Helford Gallery
    8522 Washington BLVD
    Culver city Ca, 90232

    More Thanks!!!

    So we asked, and you answered - we asked that you blog about Let's Eat Cake! and you have!

    We asked that some one match my dollar for everyone that blogs - and one business did... I'd love more...but I'm not greedy- okay maybe alittle!

    The Power of One:

    One Person asked for people to blog and in exchange donate $1 for every blog

    So far 84 People have answered

    One person said they'd match my donation

    84 blogs, my one dollar, their match

    $168.... the power of one

    SO FAR!!!! I'd love to add a zero to that number!!!!!!

    Thank you to these folks and...

    And now more have answered the call - you have until the 12th - Blog it Forward...

    Fine Things and Big Dream

    Mommy of 1

    Inspired Events by Nycia

    Kara Pennington

    Design by Kendall

    Elements of Entertaining

    Creative Entertaining

    uber brides

    Fete Fanatic

    Corinna Hoffman

    Gwendolyn Marie

    Trash the Dress

    Scott Andles

    The Alice Line

    Simple Beautiful Concepts

    Rollins World

    The Wedding Workroom

    Bubbly Bride

    Simply Beautiful

    Lisa Lyn

    Personally You Parties

    Creative Girl

    KS Cook

    Alva In Chi Town

    Tricia Cohn

    Too Shai Shai

    Of Soup and Love

    Thoughtfully Simple

    Life with Ashley Baker

    Gwendolyn Marie

    Sho Sho Designs

    Butterfly Wishes

    Cherished Gifts and Favors

    Katie Leonard Photography

    Michelle Charm World

    Tad Too Much for Tan for Taupe

    Kin Sanity

    Motherhood Metamorphosis

    Little Otti Story Book

    Goodies for Mom

    Bridal Inquire

    Stay Positive Greetings

    Thoughtfully Simple

    Zuzu Girl Handmade

    Naydee Got Inspired

    Southern Lady Vintage

    Your Champagne Wishes Events

    A Sweet Wife

    Moore Shugar

    Luck Designs

    Keep them coming... you have until Monday the 12th!

    And Thank you, really, it means a lot that so many people would take the time out of their days and blog about helping these kids!!!

    Thursday, January 8, 2009

    Under the heading of local madness: an art opening at the Little Bird Gallery

    JJ Villard at work

    In the book Scrambled Ink my penultimate story was slam-banged up next to the closer by JJ Villard. I'd had no clue about the order of our stories--that was up to our editor--but in the event, I couldn't have been happier than to be able to imagine my dad's face as he turned from my drawings of a sweet girl and her dog to JJ's "DIG! DIG! DIE! DIE!". Sublime.

    JJ is a filmmaker of note, a former colleague from Dreamworks, and the only man I've met who can write an email that screams. With this gentleman anything can happen--and usually does.

    He's also part of a three man show opening this Saturday at the Little Bird Gallery in Atwater, in the company of fellow artists (and animators) Morgan Kelly and Jeremy Bernstein, both talented fellows with similarly skewed views of Our Town. Will be well worth a visit.
    There are images aplenty at the Little Bird Gallery website--embedded, so I couldn't swipe them for partial inclusion here. But go have a look. This should be a grand opening.

    Y'AINT GONNA GET THERE FREE : Screams in Hollywoodland
    Little Bird Gallery
    3195 Glendale Blvd. LA, CA 90039
    Opening reception Saturday, January 10 @7pm
    Runs through January 31.
    Phone 323-662-1092

    The Sweetest Thing!

    We had a fantastically perfect wedding this past weekend! It was a really long day, almost 22 hours, but it didn't matter because we love our clients, especially Audrey and Nate!!! In fact, Audrey offered to write a series of posts for us about her wedding!!! So, definately be looking for that!

    At about 11PM, the day of the wedding, this email comes in from the photographer, Lindsey, and it says:

    Audrey and Nate were talking about how glad they were to have hired you. Audrey said she was so surprised how much you were able to do-- and that you did her hair better than the hair dresser! She was so pleased that you were there and so helpful all day and that she was so happy to have hired you! She had no idea how much you really were going to end up doing. :)

    I was blushing from ear to ear! Can't wait to get their photographs in!!!

    Wednesday, January 7, 2009

    Where's Walt? a Disney photographic mystery posed by Michael Barrier

    Please click this photograph of Walt Disney somewhere in (I believe) Irish waters in 1946, and see if you can tell what shoreline that may be behind him. Is it England? Could it be America?

    In the course of his years of research, author Michael Barrier (his latest, "The Animated Man: A Life of Walt Disney" is a must) has collected a lot of fascinating ephemera, including a couple of photos of Walt that even he can't be exactly sure of--though he gets pretty close. The above is one of two that show Walt on board ship in late 1946.
    I borrow it here as I know that a 1) a lot of Irish and UK people read this blog and might be able to ID a black and white image from the late 40s, and 2) because it's not often enough that I point readers to the Barrier blog, which always has plenty of interest to enjoy.
    Michael Barrier
    photograph of Walt Disney from

    Bridal Show!

    It's Bridal Show Season!!! 
    Gainesville's REAL Wedding Expo sponsored by Jay's Bridal

    12:00-5:00 PM. - Sunday, January 11th at  The Curtis M. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts.

    Don't miss a Gainesville TRADITION.

    Plan your wedding in a day! Twice a year, the best local wedding related vendors gather in ONE PLACE to help you create the wedding of your dreams!

    Visit them all, and then take a break to see the newest 2009 Wedding Fashions in a fun-filled RUNWAY fashion show by Jay's Bridal. Theater doors open at 1:30 pm. Fashion show at 2:00 pm. Prize drawings at 4:00 PM.

    Sample tons of catered delights, visualize yourself in one o the newest limousines, chat one on one with with professional wedding photographers and videographers, taste yummy wedding cakes, check out area florists, DJ's, party and tent rentals, reception sites, wedding consultants and more!

    Tickets are $10.00;children under 12, $5.00;infants under 2, free.

    Look for us in the Black Box!!!

    Tuesday, January 6, 2009

    Do Gooder!!!

    I am so over-whelmed! So far over 40 people have blogged about Let's Eat Cake! - I've donated $40 in 24 hours, and we've had another company who wishes to remain anonymous match my efforts!

    I'd love to add a few zero's to that number!!!!

    Is there another company out there that wants to match our $1 per blog that posts about Let's Eat Cake!??

    So far thank you to:

    Unique Designs - Thanks for the fantastical logo!!!!

    Posh Pastry

    Power's Photography

    Hostess with the Mostess

    Coach Corrie

    Let's Entertain

    KB Kakes - who also is donating 10% of all of her sales to Let's Eat Cake! {WOW!}

    Lexus Events

    Tellez Photography


    Domestic Divas

    Allegra's Blog

    Studio Snapshot

    She Knows Parties

    Pure: by Lindsey

    Entertain Exchange

    SM Weddings and Events

    Well How Nice

    A Tale of 2 Monkeys

    Slightly Cosmopolitan

    Little Ant Design

    Alba Fam

    Sweet Madys Notes

    Emily's Something

    Invitations by Design

    Charity Mojo

    Biker Chic


    Abbies Party Place

    Color Bar Creative

    Bonnie Belle


    Design Evolution

    Moments We've Celebrated

    If I am missing someone, please email me, I'd love to give you props for the do-gooder in you!!!!

    Thank you again, and remember you have until the 12th!!!!

    BCS Board!

    This week our Gators are being challenged in the National Championship Game! In honor of them, and all of the fans that wish to incorporate Orange and Blue into their weddings, but feel it'd be a big Ritz Cracker wedidng...

    Really pretty, right?

    Sources: Vase, Cake, Albert and Alberta, Bridal Party, Shoes, Aisle, Escort Cards, Soda, Favors

    Monday, January 5, 2009

    Bird Blogs of Britain and Ireland

    What follows is a list of active and inactive bird blogs of Britain and Ireland that are personally known to me. There are certainly many others that I have not yet discovered, with more being created daily. My goal is to make this list as comprehensive as possible. I plan to update the list frequently, so if you know of other bird blogs of Britain or Ireland (or have one yourself) that should be included here, please leave a comment.
  • A Bird in the Scope (Staffordshire)
  • A Brit Abroad (UK)
  • A Dorset Diary (Dorset)
  • A Tale of 2 Halves (UK)
  • A Wirral Birder’s Blog (Cheshire)
  • A&T Birding (Cornwall)
  • A. W. Birder: Always on the Lookout for Fine Birds (North Yorkshire)
  • Alexandra Park Birding Group (London)
  • Alrewas Birder (Staffordshire)
  • Another Place (Merseyside)
  • Antic's of a TSP Birder!!
  • Archie’s British Birding Blogz (Warwickshire)
  • Argy Bargy Birding
  • Ashley’s Birding Blog (Britain)
  • Avon BTO (Avon)
  • Back in Birdland (Bedfordshire)
  • Barton and Beyond (Hampshire)
  • Bedsbirds Images Blog (Bedfordshire)
  • Beg Bits (Scotland)
  • Belvide Birding (Staffordshire)
  • Bill Aspin’s Birding Blog 2 (Lancashire)
  • Bill's Birding (Surrey)
  • (UK)
  • Biodiversity and Ornithology in Ireland (Tipperary)
  • Bird Migration Diary (UK)
  • Bird North East (NE England)
  • Bird Photos by Andy Whitney (Bedfordshire)
  • Bird Snapping (South Gloucestershire)
  • Bird Watching Magazine Blog (Britain)
  • BirdBlog (Lancashire / Merseyside)
  • Birdbrain (West Yorkshire)
  • Birders in Boxers (Glamorgonshire, Wales)
  • BirdGuides Blog (UK)
  • Birding Aldcliffe (North Lancashire)
  • Birding Amersham (Buckinghamshire)
  • Birding and Stuff (Kent)
  • Birding Dad (Cambridgeshire)
  • Birding Notebook (London)
  • Birding on Wheels (Ireland)
  • Birding Sometimes (Northumberland)
  • Birding Tring Reservoirs (Buckinghamshire)
  • Birding With the Old Grouse (Surrey)
  • Birds and Nature in the Forest of Dean (Gloucester)
  • Birds and Wildlife of the North Kent Marshes (Kent)
  • Birds, Birding, and Me (Devon)
  • Birds of Shustoke Reservoir (Warwickshire)
  • Birdwatching in the London Borough of Redbridge
  • Bitter Bonxie (Shetland)
  • Bluebirder (Yorkshire)
  • Blurred Birding (West Midlands)
  • Blyth Birder (Northumbria)
  • Bob the Birder (Warwickshire)
  • Bob's Birding Blog (Merseyside)
  • Bogbumper (Cambridgeshire)
  • Borders' Birds (Scottish Borders)
  • BOU News (UK)
  • Boulmer Birder (Northumberland)
  • Boutham Mere (Lincolnshire)
  • Brightside Birding (West Midlands)
  • Buckinghamshire Birding (Buckinghamshire)
  • Bucktonbirder (Bedfordshire)
  • Calderdale Birds (West Yorkshire)
  • Calvert Birding (Buckinghamshire)
  • Cardiff Bird Club (Wales)
  • Castle Birding (Northumberland)
  • Ceredigion Birds (Ceredigion)
  • Chris Gibbons—Gulls and Birds (Scotland)
  • Chris’s Birding Blog (Lincolnshire)
  • City Birding (Tyne and Wear)
  • CLOACA: Birding from the Back Door (London)
  • Connor's Birding Site (Norfolk)
  • Cork Birding (County Cork, Ireland)
  • Cornwall Birding (Cornwall)
  • Counting Coots (London)
  • Craigsukbirdphotos (UK)
  • Crammy Birder (Northumberland)
  • Dan's Wildlife Blog (Bedfordshire)
  • Dave’s Birding Blog (Lancashire)
  • Dave's Diary (Britain)
  • David's Birding Diary (Bedfordshire)
  • Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project - 2009 (Derbyshire)
  • Devil Birder's Diary (Surrey)
  • Devon Occasional (Devon)
  • Diary of an Oxford Birder (Oxfordshire)
  • Disabled Birder of Halling (Kent)
  • Druridge Pools – Ipin’s Wildlife Blog (Northumberland)
  • Du Rose's Digest (Britain)
  • Dude Birding (UK)
  • Dusty Bins (Britain)
  • Eagle's Eye on Life
  • East Yorkshire Birding with Flowers (Yorkshire)
  • ebirder (Yorkshire)
  • Eye to the Telescope (Britain)
  • Fat Paul Scholes (NE Scotland)
  • Fleetwood Birder (Lancashire)
  • Folkestone & Hythe Birds (Kent)
  • Fraser's Birding Blog (London & Scotland)
  • From Tyne to Tweed (Northumberland)
  • Galley Head Birding (County Cork, Ireland)
  • George Bristow's Secret Freezer (Aberdeen, Scotland)
  • Green Withens Birding (Yorkshire)
  • Green Wood Ringer (Bedfordshire)
  • Gulls on Film (UK)
  • Gwent Birding (Gwent, Wales)
  • Hampshire Diary (Hampshire)
  • HampshireBirder's Blog (Hampshire)
  • Happisburgh Parish ~ A Bird Diary 2008 (Norfolk)
  • Hertfordshire Birding (Hertfordshire)
  • Hertfordshire BTO Regional News (Hertfordshire)
  • Heysham Bird Observatory (Lancashire)
  • Highs and Lows of Birding (Kent)
  • Hillbre Bird Observatory (Merseyside)
  • In Search of Birds (Isle of Wight)
  • Ivel Ringing Group (Bedfordshire)
  • JH Birding (Lincolnshire)
  • Joe’s Andover Birding (Hampshire)
  • Joe's Birding Blog (Devon)
  • Josh's Blog (Lincolnshire)
  • JR and Sue (Cornwall)
  • Kent Birding (Kent)
  • Kirkby Gravel Pits (Lincolnshire)
  • Listening to Birds (Aberdeen, Scotland)
  • Little Brown Job (Yorkshire)
  • Little Hadham Birding (Hertfordshire)
  • Local Birding for Local People (Staffordshire)
  • Loch Garten Osprey Diary (Highland)
  • Loxia Fantastica! (UK)
  • Mara and Brèagha—Mull Eagles (Argyll and Bute)
  • Marston Vale Millenium Country Park Birds (Bedfordshire)
  • Masked Shrike (UK)
  • Max's Birding Diary (West Midlands)
  • Menzie Birding (Merseyside)
  • Menzie Ringing (Merseyside)
  • Midland Birder (West Midlands)
  • Mike Randall Bird Photography (UK)
  • Mike Watson's Diary (East Lancashire)
  • Mote Park—A Wildlife Patchwork (Kent)
  • My Birding Diary@Ken Hall Photography (NE Scotland)
  • Nathalie (Fulham)
  • New Hythe Wildlife Blog (Kent)
  • Newton Stringer (Leicester)
  • Nigel Blake Nature Photographer (Bedfordshire)
  • North Ronaldsay Bird Observatory (Orkney)
  • Northowram Wildlife and Beyond (West Yorkshire)
  • Northumbrian Birding (Northumberland)
  • Not Quite Scilly (Devon)
  • On the Bird Trail (Nottinghamshire)
  • One Man and His Pond (Warwickshire)
  • Ornithological Idiocy (York)
  • Otmoor Birding (Oxfordshire)
  • Paul’s Birding Diary (Gloucestershire)
  • Pembrokeshire Bird Group (Pembrokeshire)
  • Pembrokeshire Bird Surveys (Pembrokeshire)
  • Pembrokeshire Birds (Pembrokeshire)
  • Peregrine's Bird Blog (County Down, Northern Ireland)
  • Peterborough Bird Club Gallery (Peterborough)
  • Pete’s Birding Blog (West Midlands)
  • Pewit (North Lincolnshire)
  • Phil Hassell's Nature Pics (Hertfordshire)
  • Pittswood Birds (Kent)
  • Photographic Diary (Britain)
  • Pods World (Cheshire)
  • Port Meadow Birding (Oxfordshire)
  • Priory Country Park (Bedfordshire)
  • Punkbirder Blog
  • Race Birding (North Yorkshire)
  • Radnor Bird Blog (Radnorshire)
  • Ray Roche's Birding Diary (Bedfordshire)
  • Rediscovering Birding (Oxfordshire)
  • Regent's Park Birds (London)
  • Richard Pegler (Leicestershire)
  • Ribble to Amazon! (Lancashire)
  • Richard Ford Birding (South Gloucestershire)
  • Rob Fray’s Shetland Birding Blog (Shetland, Scotland)
  • Rob Laughton's Bird Photography (Bristol)
  • Roberts Birding (Norfolk)
  • Seeswood Pool (Warwickshire)
  • Self Found Birding (UK)
  • Shetland Exposure and Southern Exposure (UK)
  • Simon and Karen Spavin (Lincolnshire)
  • Slapton Bird Observatory Ringing Group (Devon)
  • Soar Valley Birding (Leicester)
  • ST (Northumberland)
  • St Gothian Sands NR (Cornwall)
  • St Margaret's at Cliffe Photo Diary (Kent)
  • Steve Blaine Presents "Bird Porn" (Bedfordshire)
  • Steve Lane’s Birds (Kent)
  • Steve the Birder’s Blog (Hampshire)
  • Steve's Birding (Merseyside)
  • Stithians-birding (Cornwall)
  • Stuck in a Rutt Birding (Suffolk)
  • Swopticsphoto (Cornwall)
  • Tales of a Norfolk Lister (Norfolk)
  • Tame Valley Birding (West Midlands)
  • Telbirding (North Yorkshire)
  • Terry's Birding Diary (Devon)
  • The Acorn Trail (UK)
  • The Bald Birder (Kent)
  • The BedsBirds Images Blog (Bedfordshire)
  • The Bird Ringer (UK)
  • The Blue Chaffinch (Britain)
  • The Cotswold Water Park (Gloucestershire / Wiltshire)
  • The Drunkbirders (Leicestershire)
  • The Early Birder (Surrey)
  • The Farne Islands Blog (Northumberland)
  • The Fenlandwalker Birding and Countryside Blog (East Anglia)
  • The Hornet's Nest (Warwickshire)
  • The Leicester Llama (Leicestershire)
  • The Lizard Naturally (Cornwall)
  • The Magpie's Hoard
  • The Urban Birder (UK)
  • The Wandering Birder (Somerset)
  • The Wandering Tattler (Yorkshire)
  • The Young Birder (Kent)
  • Three Amigos Birding (UK)
  • Three Counties Birding (Britain)
  • Tom McKinney’s Birding Diary 2008 (UK)
  • Training to Ring Birds (Britain)
  • UK 400 Club Rare Bird Alert
  • Visible Migration (West Yorkshire)
  • Walking the Dog (Durham)
  • Walney Bird Observatory (Cumbria)
  • Wallsend Birder (Tyne and Wear)
  • Warwickshire Birding (Warwickshire)
  • Weedon's World of Nature (UK)
  • Weekend Birder (Gwent, Wales)
  • Weston Birds (Hertfordshire)
  • What's He Up to Now! (UK)
  • Whitacre Heath (Britain)
  • Whitby Birding (North Yorkshire)
  • Wildlife Aylemerton (North Norfolk)
  • Wildlife Photographic Journal (Wirral)
  • Will's Adlib Blog (Peterborough)
  • Worcestershire Source (Worcestershire)
  • Wright's Wanderings (UK)
  • York BTO Regional News (Yorkshire)
  • Yorkshire Birders (Yorkshire)
  • Young Birders (Britain)

    Inactive (i.e., no blog-postings in more than a year):
  • Aurora Borealis (Britain)
  • Birding at The Lodge (Bedfordshire)
  • Birding East Lothian (East Lothian, Scotland)
  • Birding Trip Reports (Worcestershire)
  • Dartford Waffler - UK (Britain)
  • Fair Isle – Birds and Birding (Scotland)
  • Hallow Birding (Worcestershire)
  • JD's Birding Escapades (London / East Anglia)
  • More Antics of TSB!!" (Shropshire)
  • Non Motorized Birding Year List (Norfolk)
  • Ornitolog-Lyubityel (UK)
  • Parian in Origin (Ireland)
  • Sparky's Birds (NE Scotland)
  • The Not Very Big Year (Britain)
  • The Wandering Birders (UK)
  • Tom McKinney's 2006 Birding Diary (UK)
  • Tom McKinney's 2005 Diary (UK)
  • Tom McKinney's Birding Diary 2007 (UK)
  • Tristan's Birding Blog (UK)
  • Venus Pool Year List (Shropshire)
  • Last revised: 4/15/09.