Friday, July 31, 2009

Hot Asian Guy - unknown Chinese model

Digging hardly on Internet to find his information, I surrendered. But I deceived to post him on this blog at last. I know he is Chinese, may be famous but because of "Chinese language boundary", can not give more for what you expect...

On the Calendar

Saw this video advertising for the Jay's Bridal show in September and we could not wait to share.

We will be there and cannot wait to meet all the up-and-coming brides!

September 27, 2009
Phillips Center

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Moving Daze

a shockingly accurate picture of my packing approach, from "Moving Day" © Walt Disney Company

Your Blackwing blogger has been very busy away from the computer of late. Obviously posts have been few, but I have some very fun items coming up to write about, hopefully by the end of week. Unfortunately my life just now has been given over to the horrors of moving house lock, stock and books-thousands upon thousands of books. Due to this sweaty work(no A/C in this c.1907 house I'm packing up, and it's been blistering in Southern California) I've had to forgo too many fun events to count: a generous offer to be hosted at San Diego's Comic Con last week, and just this week had to decline the offer of a champagne reception and accompanying tribute to Miyazaki at the Academy. Believe me, that hurts. But the end of the month is nigh and the Goof and Mickey haven't shown up to help with the piano, so it's been slow going.

At any rate heads up on a post about the soon to open Walt Disney Family Museum, some swell new books, and a few other choice topics. In the meantime there've been so many great posts elsewhere on the animation circuit that I'm sure you've been more than busy reading them.

Hard to believe that in a couple of months it will have been 4 years since beginning this blog. It feels more like 10 minutes has gone by. Thanks for continuing to check in from time to time.

Tran Doan Tuan - Like no other Vietnamese models

He looks different with other Vietnamese models I've known. His face, you can tell, like more Japanese than a Vietnamese. He is best known as a freelance model, but he is also know as a actor (in a Vietnamese drama named "The story of Pao")

Is he famous in Vietnam? Actually I don't really know, but searching for his information is difficult. With someone who knows about Vietnamese models, may be Nguyen Binh Minh is the name people know better. But on my blog, he is a hot Asian guy I must show for you...

Betsy's Bloomers: The Blog

Apparently one of our other favorite florists, The Plant Shoppe, also recently started a blog. We love her real wedding flower inspiration and real wedding flower board.

How can you resist that kind of floral inspiration? Love it!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Unforgettable Events: The Blog

Excited to announce that one of our favorite florist and design specialists, Dan Hathcock, now has a blog for his business, Unforgettable Events.

Now you can keep up-to-date on his most recent projects and stunning work! 
Not to mention all the floral inspiration! Gorgeous, right?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kevin Kreider - Beautiful at every inch

Catch him at Model Mayhem, "wow, what an Asian man!", I though. Actually, he joint Model Mayhem maybe without purpose of became a famous model, he is a personal trainer in Philadelphia, and showing his amazing body must be the best way of commercial.

This guy is lucky because his face is gorgeous, especially his sweet lips. Just take a look at it on his shirtless moment...

Dennis Trillo - talented actor at GMA network

Dennis Trillo (full name Abelardo Dennis Florencio Ho) - a hot actor in Philippine. Being an artist at GMA network, he proven his talent by Best Actor award in 2006. He's also known as a hot singer by covering several hits with lovely emotive way, that make him being a heartthrob of huge fan base in Philippine.

In him, easily you recognize that he is converged by a beautiful face, a hot body, a talented actor, a good singer. Access here to see more hot pictures of this guy. This site must be created by his big fans.

His body is dam sexy, let see how hot he is when he dances in this clip.

Inspiration Sweetness

We were tickled when Krystal from the K Gallery e-mailed us this board from Table 6 Productions. I would have never thought to make a board full of little flower girl cuteness, but isn't it adorable?

Check out their blog for sources and lots more inspiration!

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Kind of Wedding Dance

Alright, so you have probably all already seen this, but in case you haven't...

How shocked would your guests be if you did this at your ceremony!? This is seriously mixing things up. Love it!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dominic Lau - hottest Asian man alive

Dominic Lau, a popular VJ and model in Hong Kong, host in several programs at [V] channel and also has plenty exclusive interviews with famous Hollywood actors and actresses on Star Movie. He's got a perfect strong shape, amazing smile and smooth sunny skin.

If there is the vote for sexist Asian men alive, I think he's definitely at top, or may be he already is...

One video from his interview with Hugh Jackman about the film "Australia". I name it "2 hottest men alive interview"...