Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from MasterPiece Weddings!

At our office we always have a blast with Halloween! Check out Gainesville's Best Wedding Planners have some fun with todays holiday!

Let me introduce you to Intern Melissa as Michael Jackson, Me as Beauty Queen - Miss Conception, and our own personal Wild Things Erinn as A Wild Thing, and Amanda as King Max.

Thank you Powers Photography for taking the time to have some fun with us and take our pictures, I know we are dorks -- and you are so patient and wonderful! We love you!

And of course our signature jumping photo!

Friday, October 30, 2009

A Twilight Wedding

In honor of Halloween tomorrow, we decided to make an inspiration for one of the most talked about weddings in vampire cinema history. Bella and Edward, here is your Twilight inspiration...

{sparkler exit}{cake}{bouquet}{venue}{candles}{luminaries}{roses}{Bella & Edward}

What do you think?

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Planning Ahead

So there are so many things to consider when picking a wedding date. Sure, you may have a perfect date in your head but you must realistically consider other events hapenning besides your wedding...
For instance, a beautiful Fall wedding sounds great in theory, but what happens if it falls on the biggest local college football game? Would you really want to be stuck in traffic with angry fans trying to get to a tailgate on your wedding day? You don't want your guests showing up hours late to your ceremony or reception.

Traffic isn't the only thing that worries us. Big weekend events call for higher hotel prices, higher rental rates, as well as increased package prices for some vendors.

Every season has it's downfalls. Winter brings in corporate holiday parties and increase chance of snow storms up north. Springs and Summers brings local community events like art festivals, local shows, and not to mention hot, rainy seasons.

So when picking a date, plan ahead! Consider all of your options including community events to ensure that the day runs smoothly!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Boutonniere Alternatives

A fun way to spice up your groom and his groomsmen's suits is by adding a fun boutonniere! There are plenty of ways to accessorize the guys without flowers while still keeping with the color palette. Check out some of these trendy new boutonniere ideas using some other ingredients besides just a flower. We especially like the ones that add a personal touch to your guy. Be creative! After all, it's his wedding too!
DIY Flower Alternatives:




A Personal Touch:


Crystal and Beaded: {picture1}{picture2}{picture3}

What are some fun ways you dressed up your groom's boutonniere?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Winter Inspiration

How lovely is this warm winter inspiration? Our intern Melissa made it and we can't get over how intimate and romantic the details are...


What do you think?

Monday, October 26, 2009

Youské - hot Asian model with perfect face

Sorry! The content of this post was removed due to request from model Youské.

Enjoy the other articles.

Hot Asian Guys blog

Bridal Party Gifts

As a tradition, brides typically purchase a little something for their bridesmaids as a token of thanks and gratitude. There are so many fun ideas out there that would be perfect for your bridal party...
What about a spa day?
Spend a day at a spa getting facials, manicures, pedicures, a deep massage and hair treatments. Girls love to be pampered and love it even more they are with their best friends. Add a bottle of champagne and you have yourself the perfect girls day out and bridal party gift!
Or how about an adorable clutch to use on the wedding day? It is definitely something they can use again in the future. Try looking on Etsy or picking out fabrics and bringing them to a seamstress to create something perfect and personal.

{Julia Sherry Designs}

What about a personalized hankerchief the girls will keep forever? Let them use it to dry their tears for not just your wedding but their own as well.


And lastly, what about dressing your ladies in something cute and similar on the wedding day?



Whatever you give your bridesmaids, make sure it is personal and genuine. Your girls will love you no matter what so have fun with it and get creative!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Edward Gunawan - the NEXT top Asian model

Model, actor Edward Gunawan also works as writer and filmmaker. He's one of the "barely seen" Asian models of the NEXT model USA (click on this link for his more pictures). Born in Indonesia and raised in Singapore, he was based in Los Angeles until recently when he returned home to Asia to be re-connected with his roots. This hot Asian man not only has cute face with lovely smile but also be a young talented actor. Check out all his hot pictures from his portfolio and one of his gay short movie called "Just"!

And this is the movie I mentioned above. You can also watch more his gay short movies on youtube by searching his name. Most of them are about "how to be a good man in a gay relationship". Good scenes, nice acting and some touching, it's good to see I promise.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Asian guy that you are looking for - G Twenty

G Twenty is now looking for more photographers to build his portfolio, especially in concepts of fitness, fashion, couples shoots and also in commercial images.

My first impressive look isn't his any shirtless images, it is the first one with an healthy jogging guy blending with beautiful natural background scene. But as usual I got more pictures of his beautiful body pictures on this post. As it is, this hot model would goes further on his modeling career.

All pictures credit by visibleTODD photography. Enjoy!

Fall and Winter Flowers

We can't help ourselves, we love the flowers that are in season right now and thought we should give some tips to you brides. It doesn't matter how much you love a certain flower, you need to make sure it is in season by asking your florist. If your particular flower isn't in season, you may have to pay extra to have it shipped from somewhere across the world or you will just have to change your date...please, don't do that!
Here are some beautiful Fall flowers that come in so many colors and just look beautiful in a bouquet:


And don't forget about the lovely winter flowers...
Gentian Rose



So Fall and Winter brides, don't freak out if your flower is out of season or too expensive to order! There are tons of beautiful flowers that are in season now, just ask your florist!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Geoff Eigenmann - Filipino actor on the new look

Geoff Eigenmann is known as a talented actor at GMA Network. Started his acting career since 1992, not only his experience increased with time, but his look also goes better than the past.

Take a few minutes to see his old time gallery.

This collection contains his most recent pictures (shoots for Hanford underwear, and also for Philippine Cosmopolitan Magazine). Hot, hunky, great smile in some pics but mostly I like his cool face as a model for Hanford.