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Brent Javier - Filipino leading male model

Brent Javier is one of the leading male models in Philippines. Born in Canada and come back Philippines, he became famous after win the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2003 (fitness cum model and star search held every summer in Philippines) and also be contestant in Manhunt International 2005.

With a hunky body and a cute face, Brent Javier appeared in many Asian male blogs but what you see him on this set is different. It mostly contains his recent pictures with the look is better in his body and style with the sexy pose at the last one.

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A Dynamite Disney Item that got away...

Hal King seems to have redrawn "Bacchus" as Fred Moore in departing Disney employee Sally Holmes' book

Some readers of Blackwing Diaries have noticed that my entries weren't as frequent after 2007 got going. Those who read everything I've written and have an excellent memory and/or know me personally can figure out why that was, but I do feel a not unpleasant nagging urge to keep it more up to date than I have.

Life will keep happening though, and while a recent(and not quite uncompleted) move, a change of jobs, and the signing of a book contract mean time's even more elusive, there are so many interesting and exciting things going on in animation now that I expect the Blackwing posts will appear much more often.

And then there's the flip side of writing: reading. In tandem with less blogging there's been substantially less reading of other blogs. Truthfully, this has bothered me more than neglecting to post on my own blog, as once one falls out of the habit it's difficult to keep up. And it seems more talented and uniquely interesting artists are starting blogs everyday. Thank goodness they're doing them, and that some veterans have decided it might be worth it to maintain an online place to post their own work, too.

There are probably three blogs I've never stopped checking almost every day: the ubiquitous Cartoon Brew, and two others-one by a writer, historian and critic, the other written by an animator and longtime owner of his own Manhattan studio:: Michael Barrier and Michael Sporn, respectively. I can't exhort all of you who are serious about animation too strongly to visit them on a regular basis. I know many often disagree with the opinions expressed in them-I certainly have-but they continually post important and rare material, as well as views, news and serious discussion about our medium that you're missing out if you don't have a look.

And those are just three. There are dozens more with marvelous stuff every day. This post is the result seeing of something I missed because I hadn't dropped by a blog in too long: in Mayerson On Animation, Mark Mayerson's blog, he shared a (sadly ended) Ebay auction item's webpage...and what an item: a woman named Sally Holmes who worked at Disney through the early 1940s left to start a family. In lieu of a going-away card a mind-boggling array of animators signed and illustrated her copy of the large, lush "Fantasia" book that had been published concurrent with that film's release (this isn't the first time I've seen that book used as a yearbook by Disney employees-Bob Thomas "Art Of Animation" book of the late 50s would serve that purpose a decade later).

You've got to see these to believe them. How about Ward Kimball doing his thing-and Milt Kahl finding Ward an irresistible act worth following. So to speak:


And of course, Fred Moore:
John Sibley:

A beautiful little painting by Jesse Marsh

He signed it, too.

There are loads more where that came from, including a NSFW Donald and Goofy (actually they're safe for our line of work, but if you work at a more conservative establishment, well...). The original seller's page is here. As he notes, this was sold a few months ago, so that's that. I'm sure it has a good home.

Beautiful Japanese man with long hair

I didn't select the Asian guy with long hair often, but this is an exception. This Japanese man is too beautiful, just like a hero came from a legendary game you see somewhere. Although the images are processed, the guy in these pictures is still one of the most beautiful Japanese man I've ever seen.

Jae Chang - sexy body with attractive brown eyes

Credit by Scott Marrs photography

Already worked with vary famous photographers, Jae Chang, the model from Hawaii posed confidently in every pictures of him. Photographers found in him a worked out body with six packs abs, also attractive brown eyes together with lovely smile. In this post, only sexist pictures of Jae Chang will be shown for you. Check this out!

Credit by Walter Parada photography

Credit by Blueox photography

Invitation Week: SWOONOVERIT

We are ending our Invitation Week with SWOONOVERIT, the Modern Calligraphy Studio by our very own associate planner, Amanda Young. Here is the sneak peak to her fabulous work:

Don't forget to check out the SWOONOVERIT Blog while you're at it!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Invitation Week: Lucky Designs

Next up on our Invitation Week is Lucky Designs. Here is your sneak peak:

The Lucky Designs blog, Lucky in Love, provides updates on designs and real wedding inspiration.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at MasterPiece Weddings! There is so much for to be Thankful for, please take a moment today (as we all should everyday) to give thanks for the amazing blessing in your life!

Just a few things we are thankful for:

  • Our amazing clients! I am not just saying that, this past year, we were blessed beyond imaginable levels with how incredible our clients have been! We have definately made friends for a lifetime!

  • The vendors that we get to work with day in and day out, how amazing they are, and the incredible lifelong friendships that have come out of those relationships!

  • The planners that we love! And I mean that, I know that every wedding planner on the planet is supposed to be our competition, but I find so much influence and guidance from my fellow wedding planners. {You know who you are!}

  • Amanda and Erinn - really, this year has been full of amazing'ness for MasterPiece Weddings! We love Gainesville Weddings, and have had the pleasure of doing some amazing things together, and I am so blessed to have them in my life and on my team!

  • And if I can get personal and sappy for a moment, my husband and my family! Really, with out you John, to bounce idea's off of, and be my marketing guru, I don't know that our company would be as cool as it is! And my sister - I heart you big alot! You are amazing!

Can't wait for 2010! Thank you for an amazing year! {so far}

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Invitation Week: The LV Studio

Next up on our Invitations Week is The LV Studio by Leslie Vega. Her modern invitation suites and letterpress designs are so fun and fresh.

Don't forget to check out Leslie's blog, The Studio Scoop!

True Confessions of a 3 Dress Bride (Part 3)

I was going to save my final confession for another day but find myself wanting to share so many things that I figured while I am on a roll I should just finish it up now! While this blog is about BRIDAL GOWNS I have so many ideas, thoughts and things I want to share I just need to finish this little true confession so I can move onto other things!

The conclusion of my confession....

So, I now have 2 bridal gowns and honestly was not shopping for a third (do you believe me?). I saw a picture of a gown that was NOTHING like I thought I would want! It was the Capri Marie from Maggie Sottero. First of all, I did not want a strapless wedding gown!! How could I fall in love with another strapless gown? Secondly, I had never tried it on. I know so many brides (engaged and now married) that say I have to try on a gown before I know it's "me". I have to disagree. I saw a picture of this gown and just knew it would be perfect. Keep in mind, I am the person who has seen 1000's of dresses, how is it possible for one to make me feel this way? I don't have the answer to that....women are born with this intuition and my radar was going off on this dress. I ordered it and the day it came in and I tried it on for the first time - I cried!! I couldn't believe how amazing I felt in it. Now, I had a huge dilemma! I had 3 wedding dresses! I knew I couldn't wear all three...that would just be crazy! But, I could still narrow it down to a Ceremony Gown and a Reception Gown. I decided the Capri Marie would be my Ceremony Gown and the tea length gown was still my only choice for the Reception Gown. How to incorporate the sleeves I so loved on my first gown? Well, I took the advice of my seamstress and we added them to the Reception Gown. The result? Perfect! I was able to bring together all three of the gowns I loved and I was finally a happy bride! :)

Kerrie (me) and my Maid of Honor
Me and my silly hubby who is mimicking Elvis Presley ("that's right momma!")

 This pic shows my 2 dresses combined: My tea length strapless (dress #2) with sleeves (dress #1)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

True Confessions of a 3 Dress Bride (Part 2)

So, I had purchased my first dress and was pretty excited until the Spring season hit. The bridal industry has 2 seasons: Spring and Fall. With that came a new round of dresses! Uh oh. The new "trend" in wedding gowns was a tea length gown. I fell in love with several of them and started wondering how I could incorporate one of them into my wedding! The thought occurred to me - did I REALLY want to wear a heavy gown through- out the day and evening? Well, that answer was easy: no! So, I purchased my 2nd gown, which I called my "Reception Gown." It was Alfred Angelo, style 1947. The only problem I had was I really did not want a strapless gown! Once the gown came in though I loved it! It was so cute and I felt so "free" from the trappings of a full ball gown bridal dress. After all, how many times do you actually run around in an extra 5 pounds of dress? So I started talks with my seamstress about how we could handle this strapless situation and we determined I could either add sleeves to the gown or get a shawl. Both very good options!

Invitation Week: Penned & Pretty

So many brides do not realize the impression hand addressed invitations make on your guests. Not to mention, they are beautiful and make the entire invitation suite THAT much better!

Jessica Lynn of Penned & Pretty owns a little calligraphy shop. Here are some of her styles:

Don't forget to check out the Penned & Pretty Blog as well as Jessica Lynn's other blog, Tying the Knot.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Invitation Week: Unique Designs

Last week we caught up with some local Photographers and gave you a sneak peak to their beautiful images. This week, we're celebrating the local vendors who makes our client's invitations just GORGEOUS!

Unique Designs is up first. These young Gainesville graphic designers always have a ton of fun projects going on..

Don't forget to check out the Dare to be Unique blog for constant updates and wedding inspirations!

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Some John Kricfalusi 1989 character drawings (redux)

Over on John Kricalusi's blog he posted some very early drawings by Eddie Fitzgerald that Eddie had done, studies of the characters he did for his Tiny Toons crew way back in 1989. The pig drawings especially-inspired by viewings of the classic Bob Clampett WB shorts like "Kitty Kornered"-are lovely things and generated a lot of comments. One of them referred to John himself doing work for a TT episode, which John didn't remember(he was in the thick of producing a Nickelodeon pilot called "Big House Blues" at the time).

I remembered them well. This was the first time I'd seen any art drawn by John K; I loved them-who wouldn't?-and Kent Butterworth, who John had done these for, let me make a copy of the lot of them. It's from an episode called "Who Bopped Bugs Bunny?".
I originally posted these here in January, 2006, a couple of months before John had his own blog.

Here's some of what I wrote then:

I love the feeling of these being produced on a real tear(well, in fact I know they actually were). One zips after and builds upon another--various ideas of how the guy here might use his trunk, his eyes, his torso, his teeth, his tail to express himself. Certain poses tell a story all by themselves.

-all the above by John Kricfalusi

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