Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wedding Planning 101 - Part 6

I am going to take a break in all the major planning you have to do while preparing for The Big Day and in this post talk about your Save The Date Cards. If you are not familiar with all the terms - and lets be honest, who is unless you are a paper diva - then I suggest you learn about all the different options you have for paper and printing. I found a nice little tutorial that will get you started at Beau-Coup. They make it pretty easy to figure out what all your paper options are.

Let's start with our Save The Date cards, because pretty much that will be the first paper/printed item you send out once you have set your date. Save the date cards have taken over the standard wedding announcement cards. I love them because you have so many options. There has been a lot of buzz lately on this Epic Save The Date video created by Erin and Jeff. It is totally amazing and creative! I can only imagine what their wedding will be like if it's starting like this!

I found this picture and had to add it! Wow if you are lucky enough to live in Sydney I would check out this photographer for sure! I love her work...and this Save The Date shoot was adorable! It's so awesome to see such creative work! Kudos to you Caspix!

One site I love for Save The Dates is Shutterfly. They are affordable, fast and the best part: they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee! That is pretty amazing - considering that usually on printed items once you buy it, it's yours forever. I have to give a shout out to them for having this policy. Shutterfly has plenty of STD cards to choose from - with or without pictures! They also offer other items to go along with your choice, which ties everything together!

If you want to get crafty on your Save The Date cards you need to head over to my favorite craft site, Etsy!
I found these cute tags that can be used for a DIY project! I can imagine a cute heart circled around your date...

If you want to DIY well then I suggest you check out I can't say enough about this company! They have everything you need to DIY! I used them for a lot of my DIY invitations. They offer some great tutorials and guides like:
If you decide DIY is not an option but you love the work at Paper-Source (like me!) then they do offer printing services. Keep in mind...the folks over here know and love paper and they are very creative guessed it, they are not cheap! I still have to give mad love to them though because they know their stuff!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Lance Yu enjoys his time at pool

With smooth sunburn skin , hot Taiwanese model and actor Lance Yu (model agency Eelin) posed very sexy for the collection "at pool". Not only being the top leading Taiwanese model, Lance Yu is also the talented actor in Taiwan showbiz. This set is collected from scatted sources but worth as usual.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wedding Planning 101 - Part 5

Holy cow! I think this wedding planning thing is turning into a mini-novel. I am feeling a little overwhelmed for the brides out there and seriously wondering how I ever pulled off my own wedding! The truth is...a lot of experience made it easy for me and I had a great group of people that helped me. My wish for everyone out there planning is that you have a wonderful support group - weddings are stressful. It's ok to admit it. I mean you are only getting ready to change your entire life AND plan the biggest party you will ever have. So, pretty much we are now about mid-way through the planning process! If you have missed any of the steps check the following blog posts again:

Wedding Planning 101 - Part 1
Wedding Planning 101 - Part 2
Wedding Planning 101 - Part 3
Wedding Planning 101 - Part 4

Now would be a good time to trim that guest list! We are at the stage where we are going to be ordering our invitations and these can get costly - depending on where you order from and the quantity you need! This is also the time to finalize your choice of wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses. Wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses take at least 12 weeks to special order. You have to make sure you add in time for alterations as well so, giving yourself 14 - 16 weeks would be great! Your registry should be all finished - you are going to have a bridal shower soon and you need to be ready! There are a lot of little loose ends to tie up now too...

  • The wedding cake should be ordered
  • Since your dress is on order you need to find your headpiece, jewelry, undergarments, and accessories
  • Decide where you are renting the tuxes for the males in the party - one great idea here is to remember those out of town! Choose a tux shop that is in multiple cities - might make it easier on the guys!
  • Choose favors - there are so many options these days! I have highlighted some ideas for wedding favors in another blog post - check them out here. This area of the blog will just keep growing and growing because there are so many ideas for favors! Favors are a great way to personalize your day!
  • Time to decide on a honeymoon!
  • Purchase a wedding present for your groom - and hope he uses it! I say this because I bought my husband an ipod...which is currently (and has been) sitting in its box on top of the closet! But, I really shouldn't's next to the wedding gifts he bought me too :)
  • Order the following items: cake topper - I blogged about some comical cake toppers here, place cards (or make your own), toasting glasses, and other decorations for the wedding or reception - guest book, pen, picture frame (if you are having your guests sign one)
  • Finally the last thing to do at this time...make wedding day appointments for hair and makeup - which I hope you already had a trial with someone!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

If you live in So Cal - Check out this bridal show!

There are so many bridal shows in so cal that I wouldn't normally blog about them but, I got an email today from Premier Bridal Shows and they are hosting a bridal show at the Nixon Library and all proceeds are going to the Make a Wish foundation. Not only is the Nixon Library an awesome place to visit...I think all brides should attend a bridal show just to check out all the vendors! I have a soft spot for charities too...and anything that benefits children is certainly worth passing on!

February 21, 2010
Nixon Library
18001 Yorba Linda Blvd.
Yorba Linda, CA
11 am - 4 pm

Wedding Planning 101 - Part 4

We left off on the Wedding Planning series with shopping for your bridal gown! I hope that any brides out there, who haven't yet found their gown, has had at least one shopping experience at a full service bridal salon! I have found a couple of sites online - and seriously have to throw out a word of caution right now! Two sites: and are companies in China who make replica dresses. They steal photos from manufacturers websites and post them on their sites with cheap prices. What it looks like to an online consumer is that you are getting THAT dress. The truth is, you are not! Please keep in mind that old say "If it's too good to be true, it usually is!" I think there are quite a few online stores that are reputable and you can easily do your homework if those sites are authorized to order the dress you want, from the manufacturer you have chosen. I just have to urge anyone who might come across this blog to PLEASE use caution - especially when you are ordering an item that is shipping from China, direct from a manufacturer.
 ::::jumping off my soapbox::::

Ok, so let's get back to our wedding plans! While you were at the bridal salon I hope your bridesmaids were able to find a dress, you checked out veils, headpieces, shoes, undergarments...boy there are a lot of things you need for just one day!

I think it's time for some FUN though! You need to get out there with your husband-to-be and REGISTER! We all know how much men love to shop! I guess there are some men who actually would like to do this - but when I was engaged I couldn't get my fiance to walk through a department store shopping for towels, sheets, candle holders or kitchen appliances. That was pretty much left up to me...and I had a great time. I think you should register at two places - minimum - and I also think you need to add a variety of items. I remember having a cow when I tagged a $300 pan set but, I did get it as a gift and I use them every night!

I know one of the things people really want to register for is money. I am one of those people who are not offended by that! Weddings cost a lot of money, many people are living on their own and have their needs met on those items and honestly, let's face is king! Everyone has different opinions on this topic and they almost always will. If it is something that might cause you more stress - because everyone will share their opinion on it - add it as an option! I love that they also have honeymoon registries. Just make sure if you go with one of these sites they do not take a fee! You can even set up your own online registry - thanks to sites like PayPal - they have a Gift option you can use now and you are not charged a fee on the transaction.

Jerome Ortiz in his hottest collection

Jerome Ortiz is one of the hottest Filipino male models. After winning the Mossimo Bikini Grand Prix 2006, Jerome was invited and appeared on Icon and Cosmopolitan magazine (Philippines version). This shirtless collection of Jerome is not new, but I expect this could be the best high quality collection of him. It's very easy to recognize this hot hunk: definitely a handsome face and beautiful body (he trained a lot in several kinds of sport: basketball, soccer, swimming,...and of cause working out. Now, this is the series that you're looking for: the shirtless show of Jerome Ortiz.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Li Ben He - body perfection show off

As I mentioned about Moko once in the past, this destination becomes now more and more famous in China where both amateur and professional model joined. Li Ben He, a Chinese model, the one who make himself differently from the others with perfect hunky body, a little more muscular but enough, certainly worked hard on body training. He has an impeccable body, with great abdominal definition that would make any guy jealous and run the gym right away. Very potential with great body structure, Li Ben He posed very sexy in this set. Check out his link for more pictures if you're interest. Just...perfect!

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Hey You!

Who me? Yes..YOU! The person reading this blog! I just want you to know that I LOVE comments and I LOVE followers! So, don't forget to click on the link in the upper left corner that says "FOLLOW"!

Seeing Red! Beautiful Red Wedding Dresses!

The sun has been missing for a week in Southern California...and cabin fever is starting to set in! I seriously need a pick-me-up! Something to brighten these dark, cloud filled days. I have also had Valentine's Day on my mind - who couldn't? In every store you went in right after Christmas they had valentine items already on display! It reminded me of a dress that I fell in love with years ago. I am not sure about this but, to my knowledge, it was the very 1st mainstream red wedding dress to hit the was a BEAUTIFUL silk gown made by English designer Ian Stuart. It was nicknamed "Valentine" for obvious reasons! It was a stunning gown in person (I had it in my store and actually sold a few of them to bold brides!). Ian Stuart set the bar though...

 This dress can probably still be found today if you searched hard enough on the net! It even came with the matching choker! Thinking of this dress brought me back to another dress - in RED. This one is a little different though - and not mainstream at all.

This delectable, sweet candy dress was made with 1000 Lindt chocolate balls! This dress was called the Lindor Dress and debuted in December of 2007! When I remembered this dress it brought a HUGE smile to my face! Mmmmm...

While thinking about this post I stumbled across a few things I also felt I needed to share! I found the most amazing photographer - Rosie Parsons. Oh why, oh why do you have to live across the pond? I seriously fell in love with her work! You have to check out her blog! Lovely!! And look at this photo she shot of this gorgeous red tea length gown:

These days almost every wedding designer out there has a red dress in their line. They are amazing, striking wedding gowns that only the bold would wear! I love them all. Back in the day that lovely Ian Stuart gown would set you back about $1800.

Here are some other options from Bonny that are between $800 - $1150...

This dress is by Maggie Sottero. I have seen various prices on the net for it but I just loved the color and the tulle.

And if you plan on being a Red Hot Bride...well then of course you must check out this fab website that is dedicated to just red wedding gowns! Warning: If you were just THINKING of red and you go to this site - you will leave with your mind 100% made up! It's awesome!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Wedding Planning 101 - Part 3

Yesterday, I posted part 2 of my personal wedding planning handbook...I am really making this all up based upon my own experience of planning a wedding - and working with 100's of brides when I owned my shop! You would be amazed at how a bridal store owner (well, an owner that works really closely with their customers) can become a new best friend to a bride! I think, because brides are really looking for someone to HELP them and someone who isn't focusing on them their own personal agenda. This was the part I really loved about having my shop - helping brides! I can't even begin to count the number of invitations I received to be a guest at weddings (talk about "always a bridesmaid"...I was more like the "always a guest..."!) but...we are getting off topic here! What I am trying to stress at this point is we are not at very crucial point in wedding planning where you, the bride, seriously need support and help!! It's time to start dress shopping!!

There are literally thousands of wedding dresses to choose from! I have my own personal opinions on dresses - I don't think you have to spend $1000's of dollars on a dress. It is ONE day...and it is ONE dress. Plus, you have a budget to stick to - remember? It doesn't stop at just the dress! You have to factor in: alterations, special undergarments, shoes, slip, veil, jewelry....! Some people may have a huge budget and the price tag doesn't matter (lucky you!). I think some brides may get sticker shock when they first start looking. I also think that a lot of people want to find a bargain (or a discount) once they find the dress and this is ok. Who doesn't try to find the best price - whatever it is you are shopping for? I know I am a total bargain shopper, no matter what I am buying and a wedding dress shouldn't be any different! I am basing this post on THE DRESS at this point because I think there is a lot to cover on this aspect of your wedding.

My advice at this point: keep an open mind! Try on different styles because you will walk in with an idea of a dress you want and you might just end up with something totally different! I NEVER thought I would wear a strapless gown...but I did!

Ask about package deals. They really can save you money! Some bridal shops partner with other vendors or offer discounts on all kinds of other things you are going to need.

Ask about discounts. The old saying "the answer is no until you ask" is so true! Don't be afraid to ask if they are having any upcoming sales or specials. Ask if they price match - there are a lot of online retailers who offer dresses at a lower cost. Online discount sites are able to do this because you are not using their store, employee time, getting your dress steamed, storing it, etc. You are basically getting a gown in a box. Some stores might offer this same level of service.

Choose wisely when taking people with you. Once again you are going to run into everyone having their own opinion! Your mom is going to have a totally different view on which dress is the best and so will your best friend! YOU will know when the dress is right. You are going to be the one wearing it and you are going to be the one looking back at the pictures for the rest of your life! Go with your instinct! Listen to opinions, if you can, but the ultimate decision is yours!

I could go on and on about this topic - and over time we will get more in depth about dresses, dress shopping and other issues when it comes to bridal gowns. But for now, you have some tools to make appointments and get out there! Oh...and after dress would be a great time to get out to lunch with your mom, future MIL and bridesmaids. Tell them how much you appreciate all of them (even if you are frustrated with them! haha).

Rangsit Sirananon - hot Thai actor on BBTV chanel 7

Rangsit Sirananon (nick name Uan) - hot actor on BBTV chanel 7 - Thailand. Although Uan's major activity is acting in dramas of Chanel 7, he is a catwalk model and stand out with the others with a handsome face of a Thai cutie. Two things you will be impressed at this actor: his lovely eyes and his beautiful smile. Rangsit’s smart & handsome and young model. The first casting in his movies was stable and clear and blooming in actor way. Today, He now has the happy work and lives breaking the economy world crisis. Compare with other hot Thai men who is already on Hot Asian Guys blog, Uan isn't popular as they are (occasionally he was on Men intrend, Volume, and BackPacker magazines), but he is a potential actor and should be more famous in near future.

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