Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Heading to the Beach....

Here I am, near the Eastern Shore of Maryland. If someone was having an outdoor wedding here...the words "crab fest" come to mind! Would something with a beachy theme work? Sure...why not!? I found these fun beachy items that would be perfect for a destination werdding too!!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Toby Shelton

Toby Shelton's cintiq sketch revisiting his design for the title character in the Disney series "Darkwing Duck" and his story panels from "How To Train Your Dragon" and "Princess and the Frog" from his blog. CLICK to enlarge.

In an industry full of talented people and myriad styles the work of story artist Toby Shelton remains unique.

His facility with line is something else--form, weight and gesture beautifully employed. The guy can draw. But to leave it at his technical skill would be missing more than half the picture. It's the sincere appeal of his characters, their acting and his cinematic staging that give his stuff its impact, as well as an intangible something that's just terrifically likeable. Recent credits of his include "Megamind", "Princess and the Frog" and "How To Train Your Dragon".

In another life (as he puts it in his blog's profile) Toby worked for Disney feature animation as an animator, and in 1985 was one of the first to work at Disney's new Television Animation division, where his superb designs for "Rescue Rangers" and "Darkwing Duck" became well known and were traded freely, even by artists who'd never met him. He's posted some of that original character design work on his blog. For the requirements of this era in television in particular, sheets like these leap off the quality meter.

Everywhere he's worked has benefited immensely from his skill, and the influence and inspiration he provides to other artists is palpable. He's a thoughtful artist and a generous one.

Toby Shelton: Stuff I Did--be sure to visit it often.

A Toby Shelton rough story panel from Disney's "Princess and the Frog"-borrowed from a post by the great Paul Briggs on Paul's blog.

Toby's exploratory sketch of Mama Odie from Princess and the Frog. His design remained through the story process and animation.

Reminder: Bridal Gown Giveaway

Before signing off for the night, I wanted to remind my readers about the Bridal Gown Giveaway over on Bonny Bridal Blog! I totally meant to mention this over the weekend but the time slipped away from me! You only have 2 more days to enter! I would love to have one of my blog readers win a free wedding gown! I blogged about this in the beginning of the month and I picked out some of my favorites from the Bonny Collection:

The Tiny Kitchen - Baltimore

On our 1st morning in Baltimore, I got an email that featured The Tiny Kitchen, a small bakery in Baltimore (a serious coincidence!). I was infatuated with the Lavender Layer Cake with Lemon Cream that I saw in the picture! I read about them and thought it was meant to be that I blogged about them. I contacted the owner, Michele, to let her know that I mentioned her and she generously offered to stop by on her way to make a delivery and bring us a sample (lucky us!). We have 3 little ones here and 3 adults...who can pass up cupcakes?! No one in this house! Michele stopped by with her adorable son, Simon, who my daughter was totally in awe of (she is 3!). Michele brought us 8 cupcakes: 2 coconut, 2 carrot cake, 2 chocolate and 2 lavender (score!). I was really interested in trying the fresh lavender! 

Michele is super nice! Delivering these delicious yummies was a treat for all of us! The girls could hardly wait for us to slice them up! We had to try a bite of each. My favorite was (surprisingly) the coconut! The frosting was so incredible and too amazing for me not to pick it as my favorite! Don't get me wrong - I loved all of them and I am a die hard chocolate fan! The ganache frosting was melt-in-your-mouth! The lavender did not disappoint - it was so unique and I would order an entire cake made from the lavender if I had a special occasion! It's a very light lavender flavor and would be a huge hit for its originality! Michele told us she uses local, organic ingredients whenever possible - and you can tell the difference! You can taste the fresh cream! I am so sad that delivery or pick up is only available here, in the Baltimore area, because I can assure you if Michele was in So Calif - she would be getting my orders for special occasions and/or birthdays! My friend, who we are visiting, is already working on an order of cupcakes. We have decided we must try: The Caramel Apple, The Carlini (coconut cake filled with mocha buttercream - gasp!) and the Mocha cake with coffee buttercream frosting. Thank you again, Michele. You were a hit with everyone here in our house and I look forward to seeing you and The Tiny Kitchen prosper! This is something you are obviously meant to do...and you do it well!! xoxo.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Cupcake Wrappers

Found a great new site I wanted to share with everyone! Paper Orchid has several items for weddings - their specialty is laser cut "cool stuff"! Their description is pretty accurate because I thought their cupcake wrappers were pretty cool, especially the Blossom monogrammed cupcake wrapper!

Their prices are $25 for 25 wrappers for standard size cupcakes (they also offer mini wrappers or jumbo wrappers on some)! Some of the wrappers, like the Perfect Pair Cupcake Wrapper, come in a variety of colors - that is a nice option!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's June Giveaway Time!

After blogging about the Banners and Bags from Funkyshique, I had a conversation with the store owner, Amanda, who generously offered a set of Gifty Bags for one of my blog readers! I decided to throw in a banner too - because I think they are so adorable! So here is the deal - this is a QUICK GIVEAWAY! A winner will be chosen on 06/30/2010....


  • You must choose to follow my blog PUBLICALLY! Visit Etsy seller Funkyshique and tell me what your favorite banner or gifty bag is
  • For a SECOND entry blog about this contest and leave an ADDITIONAL comment to let me know you did that with a link to the post (I will check!)
  • For a THIRD entry twitter about this contest and leave an ADDITIONAL comment to let me know you did that with a link to the post! You can find my twitter page here
BONUS ENTRY: Grab my Blog Button and add it to your page (leave an additional post with link to let me know you did this!) and get a bonus entry!

You have the opportunity to get 4 entries into this contest if you want to win! Yay!

This giveaway will end on: June 30th at 5pm EST and the winner will be posted shortly there after!

What you win: 1 lucky winner will receive a banner of their choice and 4 gifty bags from Funkyshique

Value of giveaway (including shipping to winner): Varies - based on banner selected!

This giveaway is open to US RESIDENTS ONLY!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Carved Birch Heart Favors

Came across these custom carved birch heart favors that could also double as place card holders or wine charms. If you used them as place cards I was thinking if they hung from a wooden peg board that could be totally cute or from a tree branch...! Your initials or monogram can be lightly carved into the birch bark heart, which is trimmed with a natural jute twine. The back has a mini chalkboard (love this!) that can be used again and again. These would also make great gift tags. They come with a natural jute cord or satin ribbon tie. 

Writing your own wedding vows?

I have been spending the day catching up on my bridal blog reading (not my own personal blog, the other bridal blogs out there). I somehow found myself at $2000 Dollar Wedding, reading their wedding vows. Are you or did you write your own vows? We used the standard, recite after me vows...I could barely follow along with that because of nerves - I couldn't possibly have been creative enough to write and speak them aloud! Anyway, I really loved how the vows were written...and wanted to share - in case you are writing your own. The style is to start everything with "I love you because...." and then on the last statement you end it with, "Because I love you...." I couldn't stop thinking about it once I read it, so it was worth sharing!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Banners and Bags

I love coming across random items and seeing potential in them for amazing wedding ideas. That is what happened to me today when I came across these burlap banners. I wasn't sure about burlap and weddings...but then I started visualizing an outdoor wedding, a wedding with some rustic touches, a beach wedding and then these started to take shape! Matching bags could be used for a candy buffet or at place settings...pretty soon it all just clicked! Etsy seller, Funkyshique will even do custom banners! Think of your monogram...or last name...or Mr & Mrs...! Cute. Love these.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sunday, June 20: win rare art by Fred Moore. Or Glen Keane. Or Marc Davis. Or 100 other geniuses of animation.

UPDATED 6/22 For the record: the auction raised over 70,000 to help Pres and his family defray the tremendous costs of his fight with leukemia.

This is a drawing by Fred Moore-probably a study for a presentation painting. It's one of a kind and it's beautiful-and it can be yours.
It'll be auctioned live tomorrow and even if you're many miles away, you can email the auction organizers today and arrange for an absentee bid to be placed for you. It's part of one of the most impressive auctions of great animation art in quite some time, and it's for a good cause.

UPDATED TO ADD: The L.A. Times had a nice article covering the auction here

Good cause? That's an understatement.

Patrick's painting of Pres and his wife Jeannine as Bonnie & Clyde, from Patrick's blog
I've never met Pres Romanillos, but thanks to my friend Patrick Mate I know several things about him, including these: he and his wife Jeannine have an awesome pride of cats, he's an excellent animator, and he's an awful lot of fun to take on road trips to the Comic Con. Also, anyone that Patrick draws with such affection and gusto must be quite a guy.

This is also borne out by the amazing organization of "Pres Aid", the auction tomorrow that Pres' friends and colleagues in animation have put together to help defray the costs of Pres' battle with leukemia.
There are far, far too many pieces for me to feature them all here, but clicking on the link above will take you to the blog set up to display most of them and explain more about the event.

In addition, some additional, choice art that wont be auctioned in the live event on June 20th has been listed on Ebay-I managed to win a beautiful, unsigned Marc Davis giclee of his personal watercolor work. Those listings, which are ongoing, are accessible here.

But back to June 2oth: here's a sampling of the stuff that'll wind up with a happy new home tomorrow:

Carlos Grangel studies for Tim Burton's "The Corpse Bride"; Carlos' original paintings--like Nico Marlet's and many of the other current artists in the auction--is virtually never available for anyone to buy anywhere. This is an extremely rare opportunity to own one. This particular piece was exhibited in recent the MOMA show devoted to Tim Burton's career.

A limited edition print-one of only 22 made-of a personal painting by Marc Davis, signed by Marc and donated to the auction by Alice Davis. Pres and his wife were good friends of the Davis'. I want this painting. Bid against me and make me earn it

This fantastic painting of Messrs Hitchcock and Scorsese by Patrick is going to be in the auction tomorrow. He's one of the very best caricaturists I know, in addition to his visdev and animation work.

Beautiful piece of character design(of Gobber) from Nico Marlet, done for "How To Train Your Dragon". Nico's famous work is more beautiful in person than any scan can show-true of all the scans I have here. You can bid on it tomorrow.

An original pastel by the terrific illustrator-much beloved of animatio artists--the late Earl Oliver Hurst.

Live Auction to benefit Disney and Dreamworks animator Pres Romanillos
Sunday, June 20, at the Animation Guild
1105 N. Hollywood Way (just north of Magnolia)
Burbank, CA 91505. Registration at 1pm, auction to follow at 2 til it's done (about 4pm)

From Kevin Koch's Pres-Aid site: "The building will open at noon, and we anticipate registering people at 1 pm and starting the bidding at 2 pm. We're working with our friend Howard Lowery, the expert on animation auctions, and we're deeply grateful for his participation. Absentee bidding will be available for those who cannot be in Burbank that day, and we anticipate being able to handle phone bidding on a limited basis."

Happy Father's Day!

Father's have an important role in their daughter's wedding - and no, I am not talking about just paying the bills (although that would be super, duper nice right?). They have the honor of walking you down the aisle, getting in that Father/Daughter Dance and making a toast to the bride and groom! To celebrate all the Dad's out there I added a new song to my playlist - one of my all time favorite songs by 10,000 Maniacs called "How You've Grown". I also found some great case your dad gets a little tongue tied or doesn't quite know how to express himself...these toasts will surely help! Happy Father's all the dads out there!

What was your father/daughter dance song? Share with everyone to exchange some ideas...or if you just want to post a thought about your it here! I would love to read some stories! My mom walked me down the aisle, so I didn't have that experience...although my mom was the most appropriate person for the job!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Antrim 1844 Inn

The first time...well, the only time...I was in Maryland for a wedding was when the friend I am now visiting, got married! What an awesome Wedding Weekend that was! I was already working in the bridal industry - for a manufacturer, so my feet were wet, so to speak, in the business! Somehow, the memories of this wedding still make me feel it was one of the best weddings I have ever attended! (it was that good!).

It was held at the Antrim 1844 Inn located in Taneytown, Maryland. The grounds are absolutely lovely! The staff was amazing....I just wonder if they still have the red phone booth?! At the Inn...there were no phones in the rooms just one in the TV's were in the guest rooms (I say yay!) and the bathroom featured claw footed tubs! The beds were the most amazing-sink-right-in and get cozy beds, I have ever felt. My "room" was on the 2nd floor of this building, the main building....the 3rd window (counting from the left)!

Their website states:

Built in 1844, Antrim was once a thriving plantation and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Owners Dorothy and Richard Mollett have masterfully restored the mansion and the estate buildings on this 24-acre site. Visitors can enjoy first-hand the adaptive re-use of this exceptional restoration.

This is the Smith House. One of the guests rooms. It was actually the place that my friend and husband to be stayed at. It is VERY nice! From the main house you can see this across the yard. I remember the porch...I loved hanging out there!

The Original Ice House! Is this awesome or what?! The maid of honor and her family stayed here. I remember going in there once....I remember thinking how amazing it was! I loved the Wood-burning fireplace and double Jacuzzi! Fun Fun Fun!

There is a "pub" located there - called the Pickwick Pub. It's in the Wine Cellar. I remember meeting down there late into the evenings! :) Also, the restaurant on site is so delish! Everything served that weekend was ahhh-mazing!

The Inn is located just 15 minutes from Historic Gettysburg so your guests can get a little away time and get in some sightseeing or history! The Antrim 1844 Country House Hotel is just a spectacular setting for  weddings! I LOVED being a guest here...and I loved watching my friend marry her BEST FRIEND! Love you both very much! xoxoxox

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Signing in from Baltimore!

Hello from Baltimore! I have taken myself on the road and find myself 3000 miles from home! I will be here for about 5 weeks and am looking forward to finding all kinds of fun things to share with you while I am here! I happened to have a yummy in my email box this afternoon - and if you are local to Baltimore you are in luck! This cake sounds absolutely delicious! From Etsy seller TheTinyKitchen

Three 6" layers of delicate lavender cake filled and frosted with a light lemon cream.

*Made with organic lavender.

*Serves 6-8

*PLEASE NOTE: At this time cakes are only available for local pick up and delivery. See shop policies for more information before placing you order. 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Strawberry Cake Favor Boxes

Noemi has done it again! Last month, our giveaway featured Etsy seller Imeon Designs. Noemi makes BEAUTIFUL paper cakes that you can use for favors. I just love her designs. Today I saw this new one and I am in love!!

Each box measures 3" long, 1 1/2" tall and 1" at its widest point. The crust is removable, so you can insert little candies or trinkets. An entire cake has 12 slices!

As an added surprise, the strawberry on top can also be used to hold small candies, such as M&M's, mints or jellybeans. How fun is that?! FUN!! Great job Noemi...seriously this is so cute!!!