Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cooties are catching!

Here is an ADORABLE way to do your wedding programs! These brought back memories of school (my friends and I would always make these!). The programs are fully formatted and have the entire interior devoted to your ceremony information. They are divided into four main interior sections. The designer, KatsKrafts, can customize EVERYTHING for you including the font, the design, wording, the outer names/images, etc! There are over 50 paper colors to choose from! KatsKrafts will also make Wedding Menus and Placecards!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cookies can be a work of art....

I love when I get an email first thing in the morning that is GREAT NEWS! My day started by reading an email that SweetAmbs was back. Who is SweetAmbs, you ask? An amazing pastry artist. I have been wanting to share her works of art on my blog for awhile now, but her etsy store has been on "vacation".  Well...she's back! And you, my lucky readers, are in for a treat! Her cookies are so beautiful and I am so excited to finally be able to share them here....

To see more of Amber's amazing work you can visit her Etsy store or view her blog here!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Big Whoopie!

Maybe you are not a traditional bride....maybe you want a different dress....maybe you don't want traditional favors at your wedding....maybe you don't want a church wedding....maybe you want to be off the grid when saying your vows....I say big whoopie if people don't like what YOU and your significant other find meaningful!

Love the "ruched" skirt and train!

Cookies make the world a little brighter!

Here are some adorable mini cookies I found today - you get 3 dozen (decorated!) mini cookies for $13.00 and you can customize the colors! I bake cookies (too much) so I think that getting something like this for that price is a great deal!

Here is a nice 3" round cookie that can be done in any color and your choice of monogram. Homemade royal icing with vanilla (yummmm!)  and the the cookies are a nice southern soft sugar cookie recipe - made with real butter (oh yeah!). You get 1 dozen cookies (combination of color). You can request them wrapped individually or in a cello bag and tied with coordinating ribbon for $23.99

Monday, July 19, 2010

Sign of the Times

Looking for something a little rustic for your monogram? Look no further! I saw these letters today on Etsy from seller SignsofVintage and loved them! I think they would look amazing hanging on double doors or on a wall at your wedding...and then of course you can use them in your home after! These letters measure a little over 15 inches, so you are sure to get a great photo with them (each of you holding one would be super cute!)

And here is another design from SignsofVintage that I loved. It's actually 2 signs in 1. You get two signs - Bride and Groom (or Mr. and Mrs.) and then on the back it says Thank and You. I love that you can reverse them and customize them!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pretty as a Peacock!

Tiffany blue has been one of the main colors used in weddings (for ummm...years!). Let's spice up the blue palette! Peacock blue is a deep rich color, that is striking next to white and also ties in perfectly with green! I found so many amazing items...I had a hard time choosing what to share!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Something Special for the Little Girls

Are these not just the most adorable tutu dresses? I really was drawn to the color combos used! I couldn't help but think a flower girl would be really adorable in something like this - and the parents may not mind the price (like they would at some of the price of a typical "flower girl" dress) because this one would get more use (birthday party, dress up play, halloween, etc). Custom colors to match your wedding available! Check out JuJu's TuTu's for more info!

Ivory Glitzy Glam Flower Girl Empire Tutu Dress

Emerald City Empire Tutu Dress

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ooh Ooh! Cookie Giveaway!

Just read that a site I follow is hosting a giveaway! Etsy is have a Christmas in July special and in honor of that, Cupcakes and Corsets (a blog I love) is having a giveaway! The winner will get their choice of one dozen shortbread cookies - decorated in ANY way!! So cool. I love her cookie designs! So, here is the link..

These are amazing...but here is the super duper cool thing - you don't have to pick a design she already has! You can tell her whatever you want and she will make it for you! Yay to go enter! :)

Ruby Red

I am seeing RED! Not, a mad red...a stunning bridal red! This dress is from Bonny Bridal from the Classic Collection. It is style number 905

What made me think about this dress was seeing the Red Ranunculus Flower Clips from Etsy seller HustlenBustle - Set of 3 flowers for $24.00

Monday, July 12, 2010

What's up with Bird (Brad)

Robert, Brad and George at ShoWest in 2005
Because it's always interesting to hear what's going on with him and because his name probably gets mentioned by someone in our industry 83.2 times a day in some context or other, I was very happy to read this exclusive by Nikki Finke at the head of her Deadline Hollywood blog tonight:

From by Nikki Finke: I hear that, after a hot pursuit by all the major Hollywood agencies, formerly rep-less Brad Bird has signed with UTA's Tracey Jacobs and David Kramer. The writer-director is currently prepping to helm Paramount's Mission: Impossible IV for producer J.J. Abrams, with Tom Cruise starring. But Deadline has reported previously that Paramount is currently rethinking MI4. I hear the script that came in is very good, but the studio is still trying to figure out the budget as well as Cruise's role in light of the lackluster Knight And Day grosses. There's talk that Tom's character will mentor a young operative this time out if the pic proceeds. I just hope Bird is pay or play.

He's also attached to direct 1906 for Warner Bros. Bird won two Academy Awards for directing the Pixar hits The Incredibles and Ratatouille, both of which he also wrote. Bird's first major animated feature came with Warner Bros' The Iron Giant, which he wrote and directed. In addition to working at Pixar, Bird has also had a prolific television career, having worked on shows such as The Simpsons, King Of The Hill, and The Critic. Bird will continue to be represented by attorney Jake Bloom.

Any news such as this is good news. Everyone I know wants to see whatever he does next as soon as may be.

Lottie Da Designs

I love Lottie Da Designs - so when I found this website doing a giveaway on their items, I could resist passing it along to all of you! You just have to visit Lottie Da Designs and then comment back on the site which item you like. I happen to really love the headbands! I am wishing all my readers the best of luck...make sure you let me know if you win! The contest ends July 22nd!

Tickled Pink!

It is my favorite color and I am sticking with it! Can I get a "whoop whoop"? THE best bridal color in my opinion! So many cute things can easily match it - it's a VERY easy color to work with because it goes either way! 

Ahhh...starting with one of my very favorite dresses from Bonny Bridal!! Love this pink wedding gown! It's classy and totally not over done. So Elegant! Style 749

Ok...time for some other fun Pinks! This one was actually found on clearance at Pottery Barn Teen - ON SALE. Act fast if you like it

Call me a little exotic on this cocktail...or seriously if you even have this in your house - call me anytime! haha, This is from X-Rated Fusion Liqueur. I want some NOW.


Friday, July 9, 2010

Stickers and Hang Tags

Ok, I did it again! I just STUMBLED upon this amazing Etsy seller: Seasonal Delights. Kelli is the person behind all the true delights! I wasn't even searching for hang tags...but when I saw them, they caught my eye. Then I looked at the price. Oh yeah! Love the price!

Made from ivory cardstock and beautiful hand stamped images in chocolate brown. The edges have been shaded for an extra vintage look. You will receive a set of 8 tags for $4.25! She will do custom colors too!

These handmade vintage style thank you gift tags are perfect for wedding favors and hostess and friendship gifts. Made from ivory cardstock and beautiful hand stamped thank you images in chocolate brown. The edges have been shaded for an extra vintage look. You will receive a set of 8 tags for $4.25!

These are the tags that actually caught my eye! I really love them! The are perfect for wedding favors, wish trees, invitation and save the date tuck-ins, place cards and escort cards! You can do ivory and chocolate brown tags or choose black ink! These are MINI tags but you get 8 of them for $4.00
These hand stamped stickers are perfect for sealing wedding invitations and save the date cards - and yup they match the monogram hang tags! I love the items from Seasonal Delights...don't you?