Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shoe Bling

Still looking for something blue? Here ya go! For $5.00 you will have a cute little photo op for your shoes! This Los Angeles based company carries an entire line of bling - from T-shirts to flip flops!  From Classy Bride:

But, if you don't want to spend $5.00 and you want to is a great tutorial I found on the web!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hope is the thing...

Hello Friends! We are back in sunny, southern California...just in time to remind you all that the August giveaway will be ending in a few days! I have spent some time looking at Lisa Leonard's site today. She designed a new necklace...will you choose it if you are the winner? Hope is the thing...

Inspired by a simple feather  found on the beach and a sweet emily dickinson quote. The words read, "hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul". The quote is written in Lisa's handwriting and transferred to the sterling silver pendant. Both sterling charms are strung on sterling chain and sweetened with a cream, freshwater pearl. Stunning and so meaningful!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cake Love

We spent the day in our nations capital today! It was a beautiful, COOL day! We played tourist until it was time to get serious. If you call tasting delicious confections serious! I sure do. I read a review about a cupcake/bakery called Cake Love and I knew I could not leave the city without trying them! Hey, I needed to test out the goods before blogging about them! Cake Love sums up the name perfectly because I am in love! It was hard to decide what to try because they all looked and sounded amazing. This is what we ended up sampling:

Homemade raspberry puree flavors this CakeLove classic, fluffy raspberry buttercream. This was our daughters choice - because it was pink! She ate it right up!

Chocolate cupcakes dipped in decadent chocolate ganache, topped with peanut butter buttercream, accented with chocolate, caramel and sprinkled with candied peanuts. Not to be missed! This was the hubby's choice! It was a good one. Reminded me of a Snickers candy bar....but it still didn't compare to my choice which was....

Designed for our 44th President; each vanilla cupcake is topped with vanilla buttercream, scratch made caramel and a light sprinkle of sea salt. OH-MY-GOSH. This was/is my dream cupcake. Seriously. The mixture of the caramel and salt. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

A classic vanilla butter pound cake bursts with vanilla buttercream and fresh, sugared strawberries. A CakeLove favorite that's heartily endorsed by Mom (and me)! Wow. This was seriously amazing!

Cake Love offers wedding cakes if you don't want to go the cupcake route. Their approach to cakes is: simple is better. Let your guests "ooh and aah" over the flavor not the decoration. And, in this case, they have it right! If you live in the area (lucky!) you must try them...if you are visiting this is a must stop location and if you won't be in the area but are excited and must get some lovin' well you can order pound cakes, cookies, brownies and scones online for delivery and I would bet all are just as amazing and delicious as their cakes and cupcakes!! 

Finally, let me share some fun links from their site: The calendar! Important if you are local and want to do cake tastings (which are posted already for September!), Cookbooks; United Cakes of America - heck yeah I bought mine and I can't wait to try out some recipes! The blog! Get updates and happenings from the founder of Cake Love and finally if you have an iphone you can download the free app - I got mine before I left the Love Cafe!

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Blackwing Returns

Some of my Blackwing pencils

NOTE Today I heard from two story artists simultaneously with exciting news via Mark Frauenfelder at apparently that mighty elegant instrument, the extinct Blackwing pencil, is soon going to resume production. I wrote the post below ("Why My Blog Is Titled As It Is') in November, 2005, and it seems like a good time to give it an encore.

They don't make them like this anymore. Really--they don't make these at all; production ceased in 1998, apparently.
I love these pencils--they're a joy to draw with, although I rarely use them now (dwindling supply), but their real attraction is the association they can't shake for me--that of the Disney studio of the 50s, of sketch artists and draughstmen and designers working on immortal projects, not only at Disney feature animation but all over Los Angeles: the maitre'd at Musso's taking a reservation for four in 1933; a script supervisor working alongside Preston Sturges making notes during takes of "Sullivan's Travels"; a student at Chouinard toiling on a design project in 1961; Henry Miller, or Bob Clampett, or Clarence Darrow or Ward Kimball or Ernie Kovacs or Raymond Chandler. Who knows how many yet remain in the musty drawers of retired writers and artists all over the city, from Arcadia to Malibu?

I first saw one of these on the desk of an animator at Disney's in the early 80s, and later on the desk of Cecil B. DeMille, untouched since his death in the 60s; there were some among T. Hee's studio ephemera, given to us at CalArts after his death. I ordered an entire box from the redoubtable Cartoon Colour Company of Culver City, many years ago. Little dreaming of its eventual demise, I recklessly scrawled away, and now my Blackwings constitute barely a fistful, from stubs to pristine unsharpened.

It's a thoroughly romantic instrument: sleek and silvery, fast-moving and easy to sharpen, with a curious back end--a golden holder encasing a silver clasp cradling a removable eraser, the better to extract, flip and so extend its usefulness.

Among both pencil enthusiasts and stubborn pencil-wielding animators, it fights for prominience with the fat, round, green Blaisdell Layout, most famous as the longtime-preferred pencil of Glen Keane. I have a stub of a Blaisdell somewhere--really, a stub, barely two inches long. It's easy to see why it's so appealing, as it skates smoothly over the paper--best used as a blunt instrument with its wide smear of soft lead.
But I still swoon for Blackwings--surely the only pencil which bears its own motto--in quotes, no less--across its length: "Half the pressure, twice the speed". And it certainly seems to be so. A sorry world where such treasure is allowed to pass away. I am old enough to know it's the little things in life--particularly in an artist's life--that immeasurably enhance the day to day grind.

So, the Blackwing: I look over my shoulder and admire the gleam of the golden lettering on my desk. A glorious instrument with all the possibilities that art provides at its tip. And thus the blog moniker.

There's an excellent review of an "old" Blackwing here. Very much worth a click.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fred Moore Girl Statue

I saw the prototypes at Comic Con, and they were beautiful. There's a blonde and a raven-haired paint, and last but not least a red headed, green-eyed version available by special preorder from Electric Tiki. Just wanted to share.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Crimson and Clover - Baltimore, MD

Still blogging to you from Baltimore, MD! I just can't seem to get myself back to Southern California (well, not entirely stay here ends, sadly, on the 26th!). I have been posting about some amazing wedding vendors on the east coast while I have been here (The Tiny Kitchen cupcakes, Antrim 1844 Inn, and Patio Day Spa) and today I wanted to tell you all about Crimson and Clover! Owner, Amy Epstein opened Crimson & Clover in 2003 and has since gone from a small neighborhood flower shop to one of Baltimore's most sought after wedding florists! Check out these favorite photos to see why!!

Every where I look in Maryland you see GREEN! Must be all those rain showers we have been getting...or I am just use to the crazy jungle of Los Angeles. Beautiful greens will always remind me of my stay here though!

I am completely in love with the table arrangements at this wedding! What a unique use of these large flowers! Gorgeous don't you think?

Another favorite was this set. An audible "Awww" actually came out when I saw the pretty wreath!!

Hmmm...Orange and Pink....I have mentioned before that these are favorite wedding colors of mine - right? Guess that is why this gorgeous picture jumped out at me!

Love Love Love these flowers! The vibrant colors against white and green....ahhh! So pretty!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mrs Maryland 2006 - Patty Markos

This summer, while vacationing in Maryland, I was able to meet Mrs. Maryland 2006 Patty Markos! Patty owns and runs a BEAUTIFUL day spa called The Patio Day Spa - very appropriate since it's off a tranquil patio leading into her walk-out basement. Patty is warm and generous and very talented when it comes to hair!

This day spa was so amazing! Not only is it in a gorgeous location in Olney, MD (very tranquil and peaceful) it is also one of nicest salons I have been to! You would never know you were at someone's private home once you enter.

I got to hear the story of how The Patio Day Spa came to life and talked with Patty a little bit about her pageant days. Pretty cool stuff. The day spa also has a licensed esthetician/manicurist three days a week named Visa Manessa (she is awesome at the foot massage part!). Patty does on location hair and makeup for bridal parties or better yet - host a shower or beauty day at her location - she is totally accommodating and a truly gracious person! I know she would love to meet if you are in the area, check her out and give her a call! You won't regret it. :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Deals and Steals

I came across a few good deals! The first one is actually pretty AWESOME! Picaboo is offering a FREE BOOK for new customers! You just need to pay for the shipping (which is $8.99). You get a free 20-page photo book using the code FREEBK - exp 08/31/10.

*includes Large Hardcover Classic, Classic Custom or Classic Leather Book

If you are the DIY type....or if you thought you might try for the first time to create something - here is a deal for you! On Amazon you can get this 

Cuttlebug Machine for Die-Cutting and Embossing with Bonus Tool Kit for an AMAZING steal! The regular price is $89.99 but I saw it on Amazon tonight for $39.00! Oh super saver shipping too! Yahoo! Not sure when this deal ends but I would jump on now!

My final deal only has about 3 hours left...! It's a daily Target deal for a Paper Cutter! It's $112.49 but this baby could crank out some serious invitations!! Take a peek at perfection: trim, tailor, top off any creation for $112.49 but HURRY!!!


Cartridge-based system offers great versatility and crisp-cut shapes, letters and phrases with the touch of a button Lightweight portable system simply plugs in; just add a cartridge (sold separately) and start cutting! Cuts images up to 5.5x11.5"

John Canemaker signs tonight at the Americana on Brand

I really don't want to remember today as the anniversary of Joe Ranft's death. I understand why many would, as I'm a person who's fascinated by history, the lives of people who've gone before us and marking their passages. I remember very well where and when I heard that Joe had been killed and what I felt at the time, though I didn't write about it here. Later I posted a memory of him that meant something to me. I understand this and I do it myself for people I'm interested in and have cared about, but I don't want to think about Joe dying that way, this year, on this anniversary.

This year there's a much more apropos reason to do a post mentioning Joe. John Canemaker has just published a beautiful book about him and the legendary, longtime-Disney artist and supervisor Joe Grant--a dual celebration and examination of two men whose lives, one way and another, contributed greatly to animation storytelling in films we love: Two Guys Named Joe: Master Animation Storytellers Joe Grant & Joe Ranft.

The book was released August 2nd, and that's the day my copy came from Amazon. I've been waiting for it as eagerly as any in a long time, and it's well worth the wait. I'll publish a thorough review later this week, but suffice to say it's another in the indispensable list of titles from John Canemaker. Anyone interested in, working in or who cares an atom about the art of animation can't afford to miss any book or article Canemaker signs his name to. How he manages to be a filmmaker himself while researching and teaching and writing as well as he does all those things is a mystery to me, but I'm certainly glad he does. We're all in his debt for the scholarship he's done.

The Los Angeles area is hosting John Canemaker for signings of Two Guys Named Joe: one tonight In Glendale and tomorrow at the Happiest Place On Earth. He is not only one of the most talented but one of the most generous and affable authors you'll ever meet, and I hope many of you get the chance--and get a book signed.

Barnes & Noble Tuesday, August 17, 7:00 pm
Glendale Americana
210 Americana Way, Glendale, CA

Disneyland Resort Wednesday, August 18, 9:00-11:00 am
Disney Gallery, Main Street USA
Anaheim, CA

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Save The Dates for the couple who loves travel!

So...I was imagining a couple that met traveling or perhaps work for an airline....or maybe a couple that tried out for The Amazing Race...those were my feelings when I saw these Vintage Boarding Pass Save The Date cards from Etsy seller BeyondDesign. The seller writes about herself:

• Life is way too short to be ordinary
• Pink isn't just a color, it's a lifestyle
• Taking criticism seriously is a dangerous habit
• Nothing is more rewarding than working for yourself
• The growth of this business is a direct result of having really supportive friends and a phenomenal husband.

I absolutely agree with BeyondDesign's philosophy so I am proud to share her gorgeous Save The Dates! Check out her Etsy store - she has so many unique save the dates and she does invitations and monograms too! 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Free Subscription to Bridal Guide Magazine!

Hey there! Just saw this offer and thought I would pass it along! You DO NOT have to enter any credit card information and you can opt out of getting any other promotional type emails!

Free bridal magazines are pretty awesome! Get it while you can by clicking here!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Wedding Gown Giveaway on Bonny's Blog!

Not sure how I missed posting about this in my Giveaways That Might Interest You post because what would interest someone more than a FREE WEDDING GOWN?! This is actually the 3rd wedding gown Bonny has given away! Pretty cool. This giveaway is for a modest, conservative gown from the Bliss line of dresses. My favorite dress has a pretty orange sash:

And, while we are on the topic of of my favorite wedding colors - especially for Fall....check out this post I did called Orange You Glad You Stopped By

So, here is a link to the giveaway on Bonny's Blog! Good luck to all my readers and make sure you let me know if you are the winner!!

Postage Options

My blog is still being typed from the wonderful state of Maryland! We extended our time out here, but will be heading home in a couple of weeks. We have had a wonderful time here and we will be sad to leave the East Coast. We have had some amazing wedding experiences here, seen some gorgeous places to get married, found some fun wedding vendors and now we have a couple of stamps to tell you about!  Had to share these special stamps with you while we are here:

On May 1, 2009, in Washington, DC, the Postal Service issued these two stamps (one a 61–cent stamp and the other a 44-cent stamp). Both the Wedding Cake and Wedding Ring stamps were designed by Ethel Kessler of Bethesda, Maryland!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Giveaways that might interest you!

Here are a couple of wedding related giveaways that might interest you! Make sure you check them out and enter to win! Good luck!

You could win 50 Save the Date cards from Celebration Designers! These are awesome! Click here to enter this giveaway.

Damselfly Studio Bridal Tiara and Veil Giveaway - you can win a limited edition 
tiara ($135) or a bridal veil ($39). Leave a comment on post with your favorite item from Damselfly Studio! Entry closes on August 16th!

Thank you to Everything Up Close for letting us know about these giveaways! 

Also...don't forget to enter my FAB giveaway for a Lisa Leonard necklace! You have time to get in your entries! 

Gearing Up for Fall

I know you don't want a reminder that summer is almost over - I know I don't! I love Fall though. I was married in Fall and it always seems we have so much to celebrate at the end of summer! I was sent some beautiful fall reminders and wanted to share them with you...

Bring the magic of nature to your special occasion with these delightful felted acorn Cake Toppers. They will look so very pretty on your cake... elegant, natural and magical! Just right for your Fairytale Wedding! They look gorgeous on cupcakes too, don't you think?

These are made using real acorn caps that Etsy seller Fairyfolk gathers with her children! You get 10 acorns for $25.00. Also, to compliment these fun cake toppers you can use these matching Fairytale Wedding Acorn and Oak Leaf Place Card Favors. A set of 10 Wooly Felted Acorns with tags cost $30.00

Another absolute stunning item I wanted to share was this beautiful flower arrangement for your hair. Etsy seller MyraKim of Twigs and Honey created this masterpiece. She also has some stunning bridal veils to check out!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Something Old - Something Blue - All in One

By now, you must know one of my favorite things are old fashioned brooches! I have blogged about them many times and suggested use for them. I absolutely love them on a bridal bouquet! I saw this antique brooch (in blue!) and would you believe while I was typing this blog post - it sold! The Etsy seller, primitivepincushion, has several beautiful pieces though!

This one sold on 08/07/2010

Here are some available antique, vintage brooches still available:

Vintage Brooch Pin with Turquoise and Merlot Rhinestones