Sunday, March 27, 2011

Engagement and Wedding Photo Props

Every wedding is individual. Which is why you may see something that has been done before by someone else that you love. Does that mean you shouldn't use it for your own wedding? NO! There are loads of sites with all kinds of wedding inspiration and sure, all of these things have been done before but, NOT BY YOU! I stick by the saying, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" so, if you are inspired by something someone else has done in their wedding, and you love it, by all means...make it yours!! The following items have been done before...over and over. That just means it must be a good idea! When you look back at your engagement and wedding photos, years down the road, I bet you will still love that you used some of these ideas!

Mr and Mrs photo prop signs - these have a dual use because on the back, it also has Thank and You! Sold by pertyfultings on Etsy

The ORIGINAL-The Mr/The Mrs- Mustache/ Lips- Thank You Double Sided Wedding Photo Props Signs on Kraft Paper- Set of 2
The ORIGINAL-The Mr/The Mrs- Mustache/ Lips- Thank You Double Sided Wedding Photo Props Signs on Kraft Paper- Set of 2

The ORIGINAL Mr and Mrs - Thank You - Wedding - Double Sided Photo Props Sign on Kraft Paper - Set of 2
This photo was taken by Abigail Seymour - her work is amazing (seriously I looked at every page on her website!) She is based out of Greensboro, NC. You can just tell by her images that she has a gift. Love her work! Check it will be inspired, trust me!

This photograph was also taken by Abigail Seymour from the wedding of Jen and Craig. The table signs (I just loved the saying so much I had to share!) and the Mr and Mrs photo props were made by Pertyfultings

The ORIGINAL NEW- Style A -Just Hitched / Thanks Y'All Double Sided Photo Props on Kraft Paper- Set of 2
The ORIGINAL NEW- Style A -Just Hitched / Thanks Y'All Double Sided Photo Props on Kraft Paper- Set of 2
Pertyfultings has some really great things in her shop! Prices are great and options are endless! Love that! This "Just Hitched" photo prop is also double sided (for twice the use!) with a Thanks Y'all on the back! $9.50 

What do you think? Would you love to win your choice of sign from Pertyfultings? Let me know....

Banner Art

Talking about the two new banners from Lisa Leonard inspired me! I went on a hunt to find other banners that could have many uses for a wedding (and then can be used after!) - I love how they add a personalized aspect to weddings. If you are a crafty, DIY bride you could probably make these but, for me? I would much rather find something that LOOKS like I made it! I am just not good with scissors, sewing, and paper...thankfully, others are! I love the look and feel of having homemade items to personalize your wedding! I also love that these can be used in your home after the wedding! There are so many things you purchase for a wedding that are "one time use" so, anything you can buy for a wedding that has a use AFTER the big day is good for me!  Here are some fun banners I was able to find:

String of Words Alphabet Discs - 12.99

String of Words Alphabet Discs

This set has many uses! You get 36 thick, sturdy paperboard circles printed with letters reproduced from Victorian wood type and equipped with metal grommets, as well as a ribbon to tie these letters together! Make anything you want....over and over! Perfect price for a banner that you can use at the wedding, reception and then at home!

Love Red Glitter Burlap Banner - 26.00
LOVE red glittered cream burlap banner

I have blogged about this Etsy store before....and even hosted a giveaway with her! So, you know I absolutely love her things! (I giveaway things I am in love with and would want for myself! ;) haha). Anyway, I just think her designs are great! They are all handmade and from working with her in the past I can tell you she is SO NICE too!

MR. and MRS. wedding chair hanger signs - 10.00
MR. and MRS. wedding chair hanger signs CUSTOMIZE to your wedding colors / Decorative rhinestones and ribbons

Fun Mrs. and Mr. chair banners have a vintage look and are accented with little rhinestone details. The ribbon colors can be changed to match your wedding theme. I thought the price was perfect for two!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Pennant Banners by Lisa Leonard

Had to share another new design by Lisa Leonard - the pennant banner! Each pennant is hand-cast and then hand-stamped with a large 1" letter. Price starts at $44 and includes 4 pennant flags, each add'l flag only $9.

Today TWO people will win a hand-stamped pennant banner with up to 6 flags! Click here to enter!! Good luck (and let me know if you win!)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

New Lisa Leonard Designs

I absolutely adore Lisa Leonard designs so, when I saw an email from her today announcing a new decor line I immediately wanted to share!

 Adorable to use in engagement sessions, at your wedding and then in your home! Banners are $46 for four hearts, each add'l heart only $9. You get to choose your ribbon color, too!

Perfect for your flower girl right? Fairy wands are $26 and can be personalized with a name or special phrase up to 16 characters 

Act quick to get this special discount (valid until Mar 26th): use coupon decor20 for 20% off your entire order!

Also, I know you will be interested in this....Lisa Leonard is hosting a giveaway right now for an oval wall hanging!!! (love it!)

Giveaway Thursday

I LOVE giveaways! I love hosting them, I love entering them and I especially love winning them! I have been scouring some giveaways today that might interest my followers! Some are ending quickly so act fast!

handmade wedding win free wedding cards and earrings Win Free Bridal Shower Invites & Earrings!

Win a personalized hanger! End date Mar 31st!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cake pops are popping up all over!

Last week, I arrived back in Southern California from a trip to the Mexican Riviera. My first stop: Starbucks! To my utter surprise and delight, cake pops! Seriously? Oh yes. 

The plan was hatched to unveil these babies as part of their 40th year celebration! There is a cute little story on Starbucks blog where they talk about cake pops. I absolutely love the honesty about how hard these little babies are to make - I have tried and failed many times! So, if you haven't seen these in stores yet, here is the deal: 

You get three flavors:

Birthday – Vanilla cake and icing, dipped in pink chocolate and fun white sprinkles.
Rocky Road - Chocolate cake and icing dipped in dark chocolate, rolled in mini marshmallows and roasted almonds.
Tiramisu – Vanilla cake and Starbucks® coffee icing, dipped in mocha chocolate and topped with a chocolate coffee bean.

I have personally tried the Rocky Road and Tiramisu. The Birthday Cake must be the most popular! It is always GONE by the time I make it into my Starbucks! My favorite of the two, hands down: Rocky Road (but, it's my favorite ice cream, too!). The Tiramisu, they say, is made from Vanilla cake but, it's a flavored cake - not just vanilla. It was a little on the sweet side for me. All three pops are under 200 calories and they are just enough to have your cake and eat it too! 

Of course, my brain went straight to the price! I have seen some bakeries selling cake pops for $3.00 each! Starbucks has them priced at $1.50 each, 2 for $2.50 or 6 for $7.50. My thought was that cake pops are now affordable for wedding showers or even dessert stations at weddings! I have yet to ask my local store if you ordered even more if you could get a better price....but, it couldn't hurt to ask right? Even if the answer was no, the lowest price would be $1.25 each and I think that is pretty affordable! Have you tried them? What was your favorite flavor?

Monday, March 21, 2011

We have a WINNER!

I spent a cold, rainy afternoon going over the entries for the March giveaway and am happy to send a little sunshine out to...SHANNA!! Your comment was chosen by our handy, dandy friend!

We will contact you later today to get your information! Congrats again! And for those of you who didn't win, there is still a 15% discount code (good till the end of March!) you can use in Tessa Kim's shop: GLWTK11. Also, don't worry....a new giveaway is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! Get ready for a SPRING TIME SURPRISE! 

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Fred Moore Expert: Tim Walker's new book and booksigning

James-also known as Tim-Walker holds one of Fred Moore's original, well-worn pencils, along with a photo of Fred advising Ollie Johnston

One of the oldest friends of the Blackwing Diaries is a gentleman I met through our mutual interest in Fred Moore.  I'd heard of him in the 1990s mentioned at Warner Bros as a guy who knew funny timing--as in Bob Clampettesque funny--so I already liked him, but it wasn't until five years ago, after reading an essay about the late, great Moore on these pages, that we met. He immediately offered to share his amazing collection of Fred's drawings, as well as many of his private photographs, with the readers of this blog.  Talk about riches...

I've known quite a few collectors in my time, some with world-class collections that have taken years and a lot of money and effort to acquire, but it's not terribly common to find one with the open-hearted generosity of Tim Walker.

Tim's an animation artist of the old school, and his puckish sketches are all the more remarkable for having been done by completely re-training himself to draw using his left hand after he began to lose the use of his dominant right hand to the Parkinson's disease.

 Parkinson's is a dread scenario for anyone in any walk of life, and for an artist using his hand and arm in his work it's particularly tough, but Tim refused to stop drawing, forcing himself to use his left hand instead.  That's pretty astonishing, and inspiring.
He's collected a sketchbook of his called "Drawings From The Left, or Parkinson's Pictures", and it's filled with his buoyantly rounded, charming drawings. Tonight from 6:30-9 he's having a signing in Studio City.  Highly recommend you drop in, hang out and chat a bit about drawing, cartoons, or maybe about some of the golden age Disney artists Tim's an expert on.  He's a very cool guy.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Will the luck of the Irish carry over for you? Our March giveaway is coming to a close and our lucky winner will be chosen in just TWO DAYS!! I am pretty excited about this beautiful ensemble! A feather fascinator and a birdcage veil from Tessa Kim. I also happened to locate another Tessa Kim giveaway going on and I wanted to let you know - because there is also a 15% discount code attached to it, so even if you don't win the are still a winner!

So, if you love Tessa's designs as much as I do make sure you also enter the giveaway at Grey Likes Weddings for $150 store credit! And, that's not all! Love & Lavender ALSO has a giveaway going on for a $100 store credit to Tessa Kim's website!! They are also picking a winner this Saturday! Wahoo!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A slice of (paper) cake

It's been awhile since I have checked in on one of my favorite Etsy sellers: ImeonDesigns. In fact, it was in November of last year! You can read the post here. She creates beautiful paper cake boxes that you can order by the slice or as entire cake. Each design is completely handmade - including all the paper roses. Since I last checked in, Noemi has created more stunning designs and I love them all:

You want something unique and breath-taking to hold little thank you gifts for your bridal party, for the bridal shower or for the wedding. And then you see it; a gorgeous chocolate cake with colorful flowers delicately decorating each slice. It’s perfect! Each slice is $4.75 or you can message her for the entire cake!

You mean cakes come in another "flavor"?? Oh yes, they do....this creamy cake slice is a favor box with delicate and lovely blue toned flowers! The price for one slice is $3.50

Each cake slice is cut, pasted and put together by hand. Each flower starts off as a flat piece of paper and is twisted and turned until it comes to full bloom....and they do bloom....beautifully! I just love these. Very different, very special and something your guests will treasure as a thank you! Contact Noemi (her Etsy shop name is her first name backward!) and have a chat! She is a super, duper nice woman! I know this because we had an opportunity last year to do a giveaway with her and it was such a huge success! I think we are going to have to do something similar soon...what do you think Noemi??

Saturday, March 12, 2011

March Giveaway is in full swing!

Our March giveaway is in full swing! Have you entered to win yet?! We are giving away a beautiful feather hair fascinator and a 9-inch birdcage veil to a lucky bride! The giveaway will end on March 19th, 2011 and remember that you can get up to 8 ENTIRES! Just follow our instructions on the blog post and make sure you leave ONE COMMENT for EACH item that you do (it makes our job a little easier when we are picking the winner).

Friday, March 11, 2011

Crate and Barrel $100,000 Ultimate Wedding Giveaway

Crate and Barrel's $100,000
Ultimate Wedding Giveaway

Crate and Barrel is doing their $100,000 Ultimate Wedding contest again! To enter the contest you need to create a registry at Crate and Barrel. That shouldn't be too hard - they have everything you need (and I personally LOVE their stuff). If you already have a registry then you just need to: Click here and have ready: 

Three photos to upload of you and your fiancé and answer these three questions in 100 words or less:
  1. Tell us your love story.
  2. Get down to the nitty-gritty and share three important details of your Ultimate Wedding.
  3. Describe how you'd design and decorate your dream home.

The deadline to get this all done is: March 31st, 2011. Then you will need to enlist your entire group of family and friends to vote because the top 100 couples will move on to the next round! The winning couple will be announced in June!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chouinard Art Institute Redux: Dig This

Some time back I posted a page from a vintage Chouinard course pamphlet. Here's one of the covers:

Chouinard's class catalog, circa 1951
Those were the days at Chouinard-even their disposable, flimsy paper class lists sported designs like this. Two of these were inherited by story artist Justin Hunt via his great-uncle, a student of advertising in 1950, and last month he posted them in their entirety-along with a bit of the history attached-on his blog Buttermilk Skies.
Here's another cover:

Justin has excellent taste and a keen eye for vintage books, especially those that contain great drawing; along those lines he's posted loads of excerpts on his blog. Worth the trip.

Random Fred Moore

While on a Google search for Wilfred Jackson I happened upon this image, part of a terrific post of screen grabs Michael Sporn did back in December. Here, from 1951's "Operation Wonderland", is Fred Moore and Johnny Lounsbery. Artfully lit, they're looking offscreen as they go through the promotional motions, drawing the soundstage antics of the actors used for reference on "Alice In Wonderland".

As an aside, Mark Mayerson comments on Michael's blog that this might be the latest picture of Moore he'd ever seen. I think that distinction might actually belong to this shot of Fred with John Sibley taken outside the Burbank animation building, posted here in 2006(from the collection of James Walker).
In any case, it's hard to believe that the man shown here is barely 40 years old. This is the visible toll years of hardcore drinking can take.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Little Cupcake

Let me introduce you to my new must have item: My Little Cupcake Pop mold. It's a no-bake mold that allows you to create adorable, sweet treats. The owner, and inventor of My Little Cupcake Pop mold, is Jeannette Facey. She even has her 3 little children show you how to make cupcake pops in a video...could it really be THAT easy? It would be hard to make a lot of these treats with only one mold so, I suggest ordering a few - they are sold individually for $5.95 or you can buy a party pack of 4 for $23.80

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Would you wear a black wedding dress?

Oh my DARING brides, where are you? A new color is on the horizon in wedding gowns: black. I actually see enough white wedding gowns to actually LOVE colored wedding gowns! Black is dramatic. Black is bold. In some cultures black is actually worshiped as the color for innocence, new beginning, new life, matrimony, sacredness, purity and chastity....but would you wear it? Could you pull it off? It's the wedding gown runway dream...

What do you think? Is too far fetched? Maybe we have to ease into this color...with just using black as an accent color: